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Counselor Education Master's (M.Ed.) Program Admissions Information

Admissions information for master's students in the Mental Health in Schools and Communities emphasis.

Counselor Education Master's (M.Ed.) Program Admissions Information

Review our Admissions Timeline for deadlines.

How to apply for graduate or certification admission:

The process of applying for admission to graduate school at Penn State requires the following application materials, some of which are submitted to The Graduate School (items 1 and 2 below), and others that should be sent directly to this graduate program (items 3 through 10):

  1. An official GRADUATE SCHOOL APPLICATION. Click here to access the Electronic Application. Note: Applicants who already have a master's degree and wish to be admitted as a Certification student must complete the Graduate School application (indicating "certification" in the Graduate Degree sought area and Graduate Major (Program) Sought area).

  2. Application fee. Click here to access.

    The following materials should be submitted to the Department's Admissions Committee before February 1st.

    Master's in Counselor Education Program Admissions
    Penn State University
    125 CEDAR Building
    University Park, PA 16802

  3. Official transcripts (two copies) of all undergraduate and graduate work completed. Applicants for the master's program are required to have at least a 3.0 GPA (4-point scale).

  4. A Personal Data Form (in Adobe Acrobat, print only; may also be requested by emailing,

  5. As of October 1, 2010 GRE scores are no longer required for the M.Ed. program.

  6. Two letters of recommendation (no special forms required). These letters should address the applicant's ability to meet graduate-level academic challenges and to work in the counseling emphasis requested.

  7. Statement of Personal Career Goals. Provide a personal statement on "My Interest in the Counseling Profession." Address factors in your life that influenced your desire for a career in this area, what you have to offer those you will serve, what you hope to gain from graduate study, and your current professional goals.

  8. Resume. Please submit a resume outlining your education and experience to date.

  9. TOEFL test scores (if applicable) 



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