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Internship FAQ's


1. When should I start preparing or visiting possible internship sites?

  • As you will discover, preparing for an internship requires a great deal of planning. For this reason, it is recommended that students begin looking at internship sites at least two semesters prior to beginning internship. Certainly, students should conduct on-site visits to potential internship sites at least one semester before they anticipate beginning internship.


2. What are the deadlines for internship paperwork?

  • For spring internships, the deadline is November 1st; for summer internships, the deadline is April 1st; and for fall internships, the deadline is July 1st. Students are encouraged to hand in their completed paperwork before these dates, if possible. There is a full letter grade deduction for students who do not complete the paperwork by the deadline dates.


3. How do I go about finding information concerning various sites?

  • Information on nearly 300 internship sites is available at: If students want more in-depth information on a site they find in the database, they may make an appointment with an undergraduate advisor (863-3482) to research the hard copy files in the advising office.


4. Can I complete other courses while I am pursuing internship?

  • Students should have completed all coursework prior to internship. Under unusual circumstances, students may be permitted to complete one course. This must be approved by the student's academic advisor and the Internship Coordinator. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to complete more than one course.


5. After I complete all of the required paperwork for internship can I register for this course?

  • No. After reviewing all required paperwork the University Internship Coordinator will take responsibility for registering students for internships (RHS 495 A or CnEd 595C).


6. How do I know if my internship has been approved?

  • Students will receive a copy of the confirmation letter sent to the site supervisor. This letter is the students' confirmation that the internship is approved and that they have been registered for internship.


7. Do I need to provide the Internship Coordinator with a copy of my child abuse clearance forms or proof of malpractice insurance?

  • It is not necessary to provide copies to the Internship Coordinator; however, if your site requires clearances, you must provide proof to them before starting your internship. It is recommended that students make copies for themselves in the event that any of the documents get lost.


8. When are the starting and ending dates for internship?

  • The starting and ending dates are the same as the regular fall and spring semester and the summer session schedule (including intersession). Fall and Spring internships are 600 hours. Summer internships are 520 hours.


9. Do I get a fall and spring break when I am on my internship?

  • The decisions to grant a fall or spring break is between the student intern and the on-site internship supervisor. In some cases, on-site supervisors believe granting a semester break is disruptive to client care. In other cases, allowing a break is permissible. Consequently, the Internship Coordinator at the University will support the decision made between the student intern and the on-site supervisor.


10. Will the Internship Coordinator also provide supervision?

  • No. The role of the Internship Coordinator is to make sure that all of the necessary paperwork and contractual agreements are in place prior to internship. Further, the Coordinator monitors each students' progress and should problems arise, addresses them with the student and on-site supervisor. It is the responsibility of the on-site supervisor to provide direct supervision.


11. What if I am having problems with my on-site supervision?

  • Students should contact the Internship Coordinator immediately if problems arise.


12. Will the Internship Coordinator visit me at my internship site?

  • In general, the coordinator cannot visit students at their internship site. Because most students complete internships throughout Pennsylvania and the eastern United States and given the number of students registered each semester it is not possible for on-site visits. For this reason, it is critical that students submit weekly internship reports to the Internship Coordinator.


13. When should I forward my internship weekly reports?

  • You will upload your weekly reports to ANGEL (internship will be listed as a class).


14. What should I write about in my weekly internship reports?

  • You should describe the intern activities that you are involved with and how these activities impact you professionally. Often, internship provides experiences that affect students' learning. Describing these experiences as well as what you have learned or gained during on-site supervision should be included. Since these reports are forwarded to the Internship Coordinator directly, it is important that students provide candid remarks.


15. Can I change internships after I have already started one?

  • Depending on circumstances it is possible (although highly unusual) to change sites. If students are experiencing problems and are seriously contemplating changing internship sites, they must discuss it with the Internship Coordinator prior to making any final decisions.


16. Who assigns the final grade for internship?

  • The Internship Coordinator assigns the final grade.