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Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Counselor Education Ph.D. Program.

Graduate Assistantships

A number of doctoral-level assistantships are generally available within the department, but such assistance is limited. Half-time assistantships are also available on a competitive basis within other units on campus such as Career Services, the Gender Equity Center, and The Office for Disability Services. All assistantships carry a full tuition waiver.

Graduate Assistant Credit Limits

Credits Per Semester Credits Per Summer Session
Level of Assistantship
Min Max Min Max
Quarter-time 9 14 5 7
Half-time 8 11 4 6
Three-quarter time 6 8 3 5


Financial Aid

A few fellowships are available on a University-wide basis for doctoral applicants, and some are designated specifically for members of minority groups. Some University Grants-in-Aid which pay tuition (but not a stipend) are also available, but students are not eligible to apply for these until they have been in residences for a semester. Contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Fellowships, Kern Graduate Building, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802, for information and applications. Information and applications may also be obtained through the Office of Student Aid, 314 Shields Building, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802. Other information about loans, grants, and scholarships is also available from the Office of Student Aid.


Tuition Assistance

A number of grants of tuition remission for a semester of full-time study are awarded each year. Applications are available to any graduate degree or certificate student during or after the second semester at the University. Financial need and academic promise are the criteria for selecting recipients. A recipient must carry at least 9 credits of graduate work per semester. Summer session tuition grant-in-aid are also available. Application forms and information on application deadlines can be obtained from the Department Office.