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Supplementary General Information

The Counselor Education program is housed in the CEDAR building. Doctoral students are provided offices when available or desks in a common graduate student office with access to personal computers. Doctoral students are also allowed to have charge-free accounts through the Information Technology Services (ITS) for data analyses associated with their dissertations.

The Cedar Clinic is located in the building and provides practicum experiences for some graduate students. The clinic is coordinated by a licensed mental health professional and offers clients from the campus and the community for personal, academic, and career counseling. The service has five individual counseling rooms equipped for recording, several rooms for individual counseling, and one group counseling room equipped for recording of interviews. Rooms may also be observed through a one-way mirror.


Upon admission, each student is assigned an adviser who will help set up an individual program of study. In addition, the chair of the student's doctoral committee (who may be the student's adviser) will work with the student throughout the program as candidacy and comprehensive examinations are planned and completed and as the dissertation research is undertaken.


Housing on the campus is available for some single students in the residence halls and on-campus apartments; some University apartments are available for married students without children or with preschool children only. (Inquiries should be sent to the Director of Housing Services, 16 Foods Building.) Off-campus housing is also available in the Borough of State College, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The demand for housing is often great, and new students are urged to make their arrangements early; living costs are considered moderate to high. Some assistance in this area may be acquired by contacting the Organization of Town Independent Students (OTIS), 215 Hetzel Union Building, University Park, PA 16802.