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Employment Opportunities

The most probable settings of professional employment for EDPSY graduates are as follows:

  1. colleges and universities
  2. testing organizations
  3. state and federal government agencies
  4. private research and development organizations
  5. public schools


Colleges and Universities

Professional activities within colleges and universities would primarily be teaching and research or in association with an educational research organization within the institution. Graduates of the EDPSY doctoral program are employed at Arizona State University, Florida State University, Fordham University, University of California (Riverside), University of Georgia, Purdue University, Syracuse University, State University of New York at Buffalo, West Virginia University, and many other colleges and universities.


Testing Organizations

Graduates of this program also work at organizations such as the Educational Testing Service, Psychological Corporation, American Guidance Services, American Nurses Association, and the Education Department in Washington, D.C.


Government Agencies

In government agencies, responsibilities might include the evaluation of agency programs, test development, and the design of educational programs.


Private Research and Development Organizations

Private research and development organizations are contracted to conduct research and evaluations, usually for governmental agencies, public schools, or private businesses. Several graduates are employed by such organizations as project directors, researchers, or evaluators.


Public Schools

Finally, some graduates are also employed in public schools as directors of research or in test development. Responsibilities often involve designing and evaluating special projects, developing and monitoring the testing program in the school district, or carrying out research related to pertinent educational issues.


For specific employment opportunities, see: