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Program Mission

The goal of the Educational Psychology (EDPSY) program is to engage in research, scholarship, and teaching related to the application of psychology to learning, instruction, and measurement across the life span. As educational psychologists, the faculty engage in scholarly activities such as attending/presenting at conferences and publishing their work in scholarly journals/books. The faculty offer introductory and advanced courses in thematic areas of educational psychology both for those training to become educational psychologists and those in the teacher preparation programs of the College of Education and the University.

The goal of the program sequence is to prepare university teachers and researchers in the study of learning, instruction, and measurement. Students are trained in research methodology and doctoral students are expected to engage in research in their area of specialization. Students are also encouraged to engage in the academic dialogue of the field by attending and presenting at conferences and publishing the results of their research.

The doctoral program allows each student to develop a unique program of courses, work, and research experience under the guidance of an adviser and doctoral committee members. Students are encouraged to develop programs of study that encompass other areas of psychology, education, human development, statistics, and related fields.

The master's program primarily focuses on courses in EDPSY, but offers some limited flexibility when planning the course sequence for each student.

NOTE: EDPSY is not a clinical-based program. For those more interested in this aspect of psychology, look at School Psychology