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Financial Aid

The Office of Fellowships and Awards in The Graduate School is responsible for assisting Penn State graduate students seeking funding opportunities. It is important to indicate your financial need on your application materials and begin looking for funding well in advance of arrival. Investigate as many funding options as possible.

Competitions for funding outside the program have particularly early deadlines. Sources of funding include The Graduate School, academic departments, Office of Student Aid, loans, fellowships/traineeships, and external agencies. For current or prospective graduate students, information about specific opportunities can be found on the following links:

Graduate Work-Study Program

This is a part-time employment program awarded to graduate students who show a documented financial need. Responsibilities and assignments are similar to those associated with graduate assistantships. This type of aid is rarely available to a student who accepts a graduate assistantship. Contact the Office of Student Aid, 314 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802-1220, phone 814-865-6301.

On-time applications receive first consideration. Aid is never automatically awarded for subsequent years. Students must reapply each year for funds. Students planning to attend during the summer must file separate applications.

Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships cover tuition and provide a monthly stipend for each semester and typically cover an academic year. GAs typically assist on research projects, classroom/laboratory instruction, or Web-based development. Conditions of an assistantship vary, and only two types of assistantships are awarded by the program:

Quarter-time: 9 to 14 credits; 10 hours of work/week
Half-time: 9 to 12 credits; 20 hours of work/week

Graduate School Fellowship

A very limited number of fellowships are available to new graduate students each academic year and are awarded on the basis of University-wide competition. The fellowships available are described in the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin. If you are interested in a fellowship administered by the University, indicate this at the appropriate place on your application. Depending on the qualifications of the student and the available number of fellowships, the faculty will nominate applicants for these fellowships. The deadline for these fellowships is the first Monday in February for consideration in the following year. To be eligible for these fellowships, you must complete your application by that date. GRE verbal and quantitative test scores are required and, most years, they must total more than 1,250 to receive an award.

Training Interdisciplinary Education Scientists (TIES) Program

The Pennsylvania State University is accepting applications from exceptionally qualified candidates for a new interdisciplinary doctoral training program in school-based educational research.  Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, the TIES Program.  Training Interdisciplinary Education Scientists (TIES) Program will prepare fellows with expertise in the development and evaluation of interventions aimed at promoting literacy and social/emotional competence in children and youth.

Other Sources of Financial Aid

Minority Graduate Scholars Awards

These are fellowships and assistantships awarded as part of Penn State's effort to increase service to minority students.

Requirements: minority group member underrepresented in Penn State graduate student body and US national; awards are made for two semesters and renewals for a second year are provided by student's major.

To apply: Complete and submit a Graduate School Fellowship Application (form same as above, but checked appropriately) to the person in charge of the graduate major in which enrollment is planned. Applications will be forwarded with recommendations to the Graduate School for evaluation by the Minority Graduate Scholars Awards Committee.