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Rehabilitation and Human Services (RHS)

About this Program

The RHS major trains students interested in improving the quality of life for persons impacted by disabilities. RHS professionals work with a variety of people across the lifespan who experience problems in psychosocial, physical, mental, educational, vocational, and recreational aspects of their lives.

Examples of client groups RHS professionals work with include people with mental, cognitive, developmental, addiction, sensory, and/or physical disabilities and chronic illness; people experiencing violence; people living in poverty; and people who are homeless.

RHS students learn a variety of professional skills, including advocating for others; assessing client needs; conducting educational and related support groups; consulting with professionals from other agencies and settings; developing client treatment plans; identifying and using community resources; interviewing clients and family members; managing client caseloads; and resolving conflicts. Graduates work in a variety of settings including community mental health programs, group homes, schools, drug and alcohol programs, hospitals and medical settings, corrections facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

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Degrees We Offer

Requirements, Sample Curriculum

Learn about the requirements for the RHS major and RHS minor as well as the Addictions and Recovery Minor.

How to Apply

Admission to any undergraduate program in the Penn State College of Education is offered through the Penn State Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Meet our Faculty

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Meet Recent Graduates

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