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Careers in RHS

Here is an article by Dr. James T. Herbert that talks about jobs that RHS majors may acquire after they graduate.  Click on the title to access the article.

Work Roles and Functions of Undergraduate Rehabilitation Services Alumni: A Pilot Study

The need for qualified RHS professionals is expected to remain strong. Students are expanding their horizons and often establish careers in agencies like:

  • Programs for children and youth

  • Private non-profit rehabilitation centers

  • Mental health agencies

  • Private-for-profit rehabilitation agencies

  • Rehabilitation hospitals

  • Alcohol and other drug treatment centers

  • Correctional facilities

  • Public welfare agencies

  • Social service agencies

  • Schools

  • Vocational rehabilitation programs

  • Programs for older adults


    While the bachelor's degree provides many opportunities for careers, students also have the opportunity to pursue graduate work in more advanced fields, including:

    • Counseling (e.g., Mental Health, Rehabilitation, School, Addiction)

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Physical Therapy

    • Speech Therapy

    • Speech-Language Pathology

    • Psychology (clinical, counseling, developmental)

    • Art Therapy


      Students desiring additional information relating to career opportunities in the RHS field are encouraged to direct their questions to their RHS academic adviser or visit Career Services to meet with a career counselor.