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RHS Internship

Information on Internship for Rehabilitation and Human Services Program

Basic Requirements

  • Interns complete a 600-hour (15 credit) internship at a facility, agency, or other employment setting consistent with their professional goals and interests. A complete description of internship requirements and application procedures are described within the INTERNSHIP MANUAL located on the Rehabilitation and Human Services Canvas site. Students must be familiar with all of the policy and procedures described in this manual.

  • Deadlines for applying are:  April 1st for Summer, July 1st for Fall, and November 1st for Spring.

    Liability Insurance

    • Although we advise students to carry professional liability insurance, in certain instances, the host site may have specific insurance requirements of the student such as professional liability and other types of insurance as needed. When exploring internship sites, it is recommended that students first check with the host site’s insurance requirements before making a decision to purchase a specific insurance coverage plan. Although it is possible that host sites might be willing to extend their insurance coverage to hosted students (i.e., interns), you may wish to purchase insurance coverage in addition to what is available, if offered.

      Please note that Penn State University does not provide liability insurance for students engaging in internships nor does it extend its insurance to students.  Although we do not recommend specific insurance providers, there are many insurance providers available including the student’s own insurance provider(s) and/or other professional association-sponsored insurance programs. In each case, it is the student’s responsibility to purchase liability insurance that meets the host site’s insurance requirements. The enrollment dates should include internship semester. 

    Marsh U.S. Consumer
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    1-800-503-9230 (7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central, M-F)


     For more information on internships, review our internship Q&A