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RHS Special Interest Areas

RHS tracks in Mental Health and Addictions in Human Services, Human Services in Corrections, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy

Introduction to Interest Areas within the Rehabilitation and Human Services Major


One of the advantages of the RHS major is the flexibility of course offerings and number of elective courses available. This flexibility allows students to pursue a broad background in human services training with a diverse range of courses to select from across the university. It also allows students who started out in different majors to bring the expertise they have begun to develop in their previous studies to RHS, usually without having to add too many extra courses or extend their graduation deadlines.   

To support students who already have a targeted career goal such as School Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, or Community Mental Health, the program has developed specific interest areas with suggested course options to help students develop a curriculum for their specific career goals. These emphasis areas can also provide students with similar interests an opportunity to get to know each other and network as they progress through the major.

As you review the information available on this site, please keep in mind that the RHS faculty are available to answer questions and to support you to reach your fullest potential. Please take a look at the emphasis areas that we offer as a starting point then schedule an appointment with your academic adviser to discuss further. Please note, students are NOT required to complete an interest area.

Below are current interest areas that students can pursue. Please click on the options to review the recommended courses associated with each interest area. Students can also create their own interest area in consultation with their RHS adviser.

Community Mental Health and Addictions
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
School Settings