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RHS Supervisors Internship Manual


This manual provides Rehabilitation and Human Services (RHS) students, faculty, supervisors, and other interested people with an overview of the process and content of the internship experience. The primary mission of the RHS undergraduate program is to train students to become human services professionals providing a variety of services to a wide range of clients, including people with disabilities.

Rehabilitation and human services, as defined by The Pennsylvania State University program, is applicable to a wide range of clients. Founded in 1958, the RHS undergraduate program prepares students to provide services to clients with disabilities (physical, cognitive, developmental, addiction, sensory, and/or psychiatric) as well as clients affected by social issues like abuse, poverty, and homelessness. The holistic nature of the program recognizes that it is not possible to divide people into individualized parts—physical, mental, psychological, educational, social, vocational, or economic. Interns will learn about and participate in a variety of opportunities to increase their competence in providing effective and empowering services.

Table of Contents