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Applying for a RHS Internship

Once students have selected an internship site they must complete and submit the Internship Application, which consists of the following:
  1. RHS Internship Scheduling Sheet (Appendix A).

  2. Student Acknowledgement of RHS Pre-Internship Responsibilities Form (Appendix B).

  3. Job description or typed statement of expected job duties the student will perform during internship. The Site Supervisor should provide this documentation. If not, the student should work with the Site Supervisor to create a list of job duties.

  4. Typed statement of specific goals (at least four) the student intends to achieve during internship. To write useful goals, students should answer the following question: “At the end of the internship, how will I determine whether this experience was successful and helped me professionally?” Good goals should also include at least two objectives, or ways of accomplishing the goals, and be  specific with a specific end date. An example of a goal is as follows: Goal: I will learn to co-lead drug and alcohol awareness groups by the end of internship; Objective One: I will observe three groups by February 14, 2015; Objective Two: I will co-lead two groups by April 20, 2015. Students should refer to their RHS 400W notes for more information about writing strong goals and objectives.

  5. Student’s resume.

  6. Student’s most recent degree audit (accessed on LionPath).

  7. Publicity information (brochures, printed web pages) about the internship site.

  8. Some sites (most often hospitals, Veteran’s Administration, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) require a formal written contract between the agency/facility and Penn State. Penn State’s Office of General Council must review these contracts. This process can take 6-8 weeks because the Office of General Council is responsible for serving all Penn State campuses. Be sure to ask before accepting the internship if a contract will be needed. If a contract is needed, notify the Internship Coordinator so the review process can begin. Students who pursue internships that require a contract WILL NOT be able to begin their internship until this contract agreement is reviewed and approved by the legal representatives from Penn State and the internship site.

Copies of Appendices A and B are located on the Student Internship Manual page. The completed Internship Application is submitted to the students’ academic adviser, who will approve and sign off on it, and pass it on to the RHS Program Coordinator (PC) for final approval. Students and advisers should not give the application directly to the Internship Coordinator (unless s/he is the student’s academic adviser). Students will know their internship has been officially approved when they receive a copy of the letter mailed to the Site Supervisor. Typically, this approval comes 1-2 weeks after the Internship is approved.