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Evaluation and Grading

Ongoing Evaluation

The Internship Coordinator will make three phone calls to the intern and three phone calls to the Site Supervisor. The first call will occur during the first two weeks, the second call will occur after receipt of the mid-semester evaluation, and the third call will occur during the last two weeks of the semester. At mid-semester and during the last week of the semester, the intern and the Site Supervisor will complete an Intern Evaluation Report (see Appendix E), which provides feedback about the intern’s performance. Space is provided for the intern to make self-evaluative comments, and the intern and Site Supervisor must type their names at the end of the Intern Evaluation Report. This typed name will serve as an electronic signature. The completed Intern Evaluation Report will need to be uploaded to the ANGEL site by the dates provided by the Internship Coordinator during the first week of internship.


The Internship Coordinator is responsible for assigning the final grade. The information provided in the mid- and final semester Intern Evaluation Reports by the Site Supervisor is critical and constitutes the most influence on the grade, but other factors are also evaluated (intern self- assessment, submitting paperwork on time). In terms of the mid- and final semester evaluations, the general expectation is that the intern has shown improvement and there are no major deficiencies noted on the Intern Evaluation Report. Grading is assigned as follows:

70% - Intern Evaluation Report (Mid-semester is 30%; Final semester is 40%)
20% - Weekly Logs
10% - Internship Critique

In the majority of cases, the final grade range falls between A and B+. Lower grades are indicative of several deficient areas noted in the Intern Evaluation Reports, failure to submit weekly logs, and/or failure to complete the Internship Critique.

RHS students must earn a grade of C or higher for internship. In the event students do not achieve this level, they will be required to complete another internship. In this instance, a review of remedial action with the student, the student's adviser, and Internship Coordinator will be required prior to starting a subsequent internship. In the event student performance indicates a serious breach in professional behavior, ethical practices, and/or general rules of acceptable student conduct, during the course of the internship, it may be necessary to terminate the internship. In these instances, a review by the Internship Coordinator, academic adviser, and student will follow to determine an appropriate course of action.