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School Settings Interest Area

Interest areas for school settings option.

School Settings Interest Area

The RHS interest area in school settings emphasizes the skill set and knowledge needed to provide services to children and youth within educational settings. Courses in this interest area are designed to provide students with a foundation in working with youth and understanding educational systems and practices. Students who select the RHS interest area in School Settings will integrate their academic coursework by completing a one-semester internship working in a human services role within a community or educational setting.

A RHS degree with a focus in working with children and youth in a school setting will prepare students for a variety of career options in a range of human service and educational settings including elementary and secondary schools, youth-based programs in community mental and psychiatric rehabilitation programs, juvenile correctional settings, school-based behavioral health programs, and school psychology, as well as community agencies that serve youth with substance abuse problems. Upon graduation students will be qualified for Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) positions in Pennsylvania where they can provide one to one behavioral services to children and/or adolescents in either a home and/or school setting.

Students who want to go on to graduate school would also have the background to apply for master's programs in school counseling, mental health counseling, addictions counseling, psychiatric rehabilitation, social work and rehabilitation counseling. Penn State University offers a master's in Counselor Education with an emphasis in School Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, Career Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling in community School Settings. If you would like more information about Penn State's programs, please go to CN ED master's page.

The recommended courses are noted below.  Additional information per course can be found on the University Bulletin.

Description of Courses Related to the Human Services in School Settings:

  • EDPSY 014 Learning and Instruction (3) Psychology of human learning applied toward the achievement of educational goals; evaluation of learning outcomes. Effective: Fall 1973
  • EDPSY 010 (GS) Individual Differences and Education (3) Relationships between learner differences and physical, cognitive, language, social, and cultural development; emphasis on ethnicity, gender, special needs; schooling implications.
  • HD FS 239 (GS) Adolescent Development (3) Social, behavioral, and biological development and intervention throughout adolescence. Effective: Spring 2002
  • SPLED 400 Teaching Exceptional Students in General Education Settings (3) Educational rights, characteristics, identification procedures, and instructional practices for exceptional students with prereferral and mainstreaming as an emphasis. Not open to Special Education majors. Effective: Summer 1994 Ending: Fall 2009 Prerequisite (EDPSY 014)
  • Special Topic/s: In consultation with their advisers, students can select one (or more) special topics courses at the university that will target their specific learning objectives for their career.
  • Internship with children or youth in community or educational setting.


Faculty consultants:

Students interested in this interest area should send an email to the faculty listed below and enter School Settings Interest Area in the subject line.

Dr. Conyers

Dr. Herbert