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Student Assignments

Registering Intent to Graduate

Students must register their intent to graduate on LionPath within the first two weeks of the internship semester. Students who do not do this will not be placed on the graduation list.

Weekly Internship Logs

Interns are required to submit weekly internship logs throughout the semester. Logs are due at the end of each week. Completed logs must be submitted by Monday of the following week. For example, for a week that ends on Friday January 14 the log would be due NO LATER than Monday, January 17 by midnight. Additionally, logs must be submitted in Microsoft Word document format. No other format will be accepted and until it is in the appropriate format, the log will not be counted. Students who submit their logs late more than once may encounter a penalty in their final grades, depending on individual circumstances. Given that students are aware of the lateness policy, there is a clear expectation that logs will be handed in on time.

The purpose of the logs is to help interns reflect upon their experiences and to provide the Internship Coordinator with insight into the interns’ daily activities as well as the daily operation of the agency/facility. The weekly log is also the main line of communication between the intern and the Internship Coordinator. At the end of the log, there is a comments section that provides interns with an opportunity to express thoughts and concerns, and ask the Internship Coordinator questions. Students should use the daily log as a way to think and write about what they learned each day. See Appendix D for a copy of the blank weekly log form and Appendix C for examples of completed logs.

When writing the weekly log, the basic strategy is for students to provide sufficient information to detail the activities they engaged in, as well as how what they are learning impacts their professional development. The Internship Coordinator will evaluate the quality of each log starting with a score of 100 points. Logs that are turned in late will lose 10 points (one letter grade) for each day they are late. Logs that do not include enough detail or don't follow the outline and format provided in the Internship Manual will lose 5 points. Weekly logs constitute 20% of a student’s final grade, so it is important that students write satisfactory logs that document work activities as well as detail how these experiences impact their professional development for a given week. As noted above, examples of acceptable logs are provided in Appendix C. Finally, although logs should be thorough they do not need to be more than 2 single-spaced typed pages.

Intern Evaluation Report

At mid-semester and during the last week of the semester the intern and the Site Supervisor will complete an Intern Evaluation Report (see Appendix E), which provides feedback about the intern’s performance. Space is provided for the intern to make self-evaluative comments, and the intern and Site Supervisor must type their names at the end of the Intern Evaluation Report. This typed name will serve as an electronic signature.

The completed Intern Evaluation Report will be uploaded to the Canvas site by the dates provided by the Internship Coordinator. The Report must be uploaded as a single document, not multiple documents for each page, either as a PDF file or using Microsoft Word.

Internship Critique

During the last week of the internship (15th week for fall and spring; 12th week for summer) each student is required to complete a short critique of the internship experience. The critique should include:

  1. an overview of the activities the intern engaged in with a critique of the personal and professional development gained from these activities, 
  2. an assessment of the supervision and support the intern received at the site, 
  3. self-assessment of the intern's performance and relative strengths and weaknesses, 
  4. suggestions for improving the internship experience for future interns, and 
  5. any other relevant comments. 

The critique should be 3-5 typewritten pages. When writing the critique, be sure to use these exact headings:

  • Overview of Internship Activities, 
  • Supervision Assessment,
  • Self-assessment, 
  • Suggestions for Improving the Internship Experience, 
  • and, if relevant, Other Comments. 

The critique must be uploaded to Canvas no later  than the last day of University classes.