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Tuition, Funding, and Financial Aid

Program Costs

Tuition and fees for students vary by residency status and number of credits. For a complete schedule of the current tuition and fees, please visit the Penn State Tuition website.

Graduate Fellowships, Assistantships, and Work Study Opportunities

The University has a limited number of highly competitive Graduate Fellowships that provide tuition remission and a stipend. Applicants who wish to be considered for a University Fellowship must complete their application by the program's December 15th deadline. Please note that University Fellowship award criteria include GRE scores, grades, personal statement, and scholarly activity (publications and presentations). Other sources of aid are also possible such as Minority Graduate Scholars Awards and short-term loans.

The Department has some funds for assistantships and hourly employment of graduate students. Some sources of funding restrict appointment to U.S. citizens. Assistantships provide a stipend and remission of tuition and fees. Assistantship appointments are made by the semester (18-week appointments) or academic year (36-week appointments). Typically, the Department offers a limited number of half-time assistantships (requiring 20 hours work per week) and quarter-time assistantships (requiring 10 hours of work per week). All students who express an interest in departmental assistantships will be considered. In addition, school psychology students are eligible to compete for teaching and research assistantships offered in other departments and colleges. 

Work study and wage payroll positions are also available from time to time. Work study appointments are based, in part, on a student's economic need. Both work study and wage payroll positions pay hourly wages and carry no benefits. Any prospective or current graduate degree candidate who is a U. S. citizen or permanent resident may seek aid from federally funded loan and employment programs. These programs are coordinated by the Office of Student Aid and may require that applicants complete forms by February 15.

Financial Aid

Additional financial aid information can be obtained from the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association. General information for applicants (including financial aid, and current tuition and fees) is provided by Penn State.