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Course Content

In addition to the courses listed below, students can also take courses in related fields of Educational Psychology, Special Education, Human Development and Family Studies, Special Education, and other related fields depending upon their areas of interest.


 S PSY 500 - Professional Issues in School Psychology (1-3)

  • Orientation to the field through study of unique problems, current issues, ethical and legal matters, unique cases, and research projects.

S PSY 503 - Development Across the Life Span (3)

  • Explores the scientific discipline of human development across the life span.

S PSY 510 - Supervision of Pupil Service Personnel (1-10)

  • Program supervision and professional leadership in university clinics and school systems.

S PSY 517 - Social Aspects of Behavior in Education (3)

  • Cristically examines social behavior in canons of classic and contemporary theoretical and empirical work, including implications for school-based practice.

S PSY 530 - Psychoeducational Interventions (3)

  • Assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating school-based academic and behavioral interventions for children and adolescents.

S PSY 535 - School-based Psychological Interventions for Children and Youth (3)

  • Development of empirically supported psychological and psychoeducational interventions for behavioral and emotional concerns among school-aged children.

S PSY 551 - Professional Development of School Psychologists in Working With English Language Learners (3)

  • Focuses on accommodations and adaptions for diverse learners.

S PSY 554 - Psychological and Educational Evaluation of Exceptional Children (3)

  • Administration and interpretation of academic achievement, adaptive behavior, and social/emotional/behavioral instruments.


S PSY 556 - Psychological Assessment of Preschool and School-Aged Children (2)

  • Study of cognitive/affective tests; use of systems - analytic, multivariate statistical, actuarial methods of data combination in decision-making processes.

S PSY 559 - The Individual Psychological Examination (3)

  • Demonstrations and practice in widely used ability and aptitude tests; psychological report writing.

S PSY 561 - Consultation in Educational Settings (3)

  • Consultation and team decision making within the school. Students gain knowledge and skills regarding the provision of consultation services to individuals, groups, and systems.

S PSY 575 - Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (3)

  • Familiarizes students with specific psychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence encountered by mental health professionals in schools.

S PSY 594 - Research Topics in School Psychology (1-6)  (Introduction to Professional Writing and Research in School Psychology or  Advanced Professional Writing and Multivariate Research in School Psychology)

  • Provides an introduction to multivariate quantitative research and professional writing in school psychology, focusing initially on the process of research and processes of multivariate statistical procedures.

S PSY 595A - Practicum in School Psychology (1-6)

  • Clinical experience with children under supervision in a variety of settings requiring service, including practice in synthesizing data and observations.

SPSY 595B - Internship in School Psychology (1-10)

  • Long-term placement in settings providing work for school psychologists with children, parents, teachers, administrators, and service agencies, under supervision.


S PSY 597: Special Topics

  • Special Education Leadership (3)
  • Biological Aspect of Behavior in Education (3)
  • Psychology Assessment of Children (1-9)