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Program Mission

School psychologists from Penn State are exemplary scientist-practitioners, firmly grounded in both psychology and education. Our graduates are professional school psychologists who provide solutions for the many problems facing children. They also contribute to the practice and research knowledge base of psychology as it relates to education. Penn State school psychologists become leaders in the field as well as in academia. Our graduates often provide the link between research and practice.

School psychologists from Penn State perform a wide variety of functions in school and health delivery systems. They create and transmit knowledge, promote intellectual and emotional growth, and advance understanding among different peoples and cultures. Accordingly, their professional preparation must involve development of a broad range of knowledge and skills. Because all of our students complete core courses in several areas of psychology and education along with supervised training, they are eligible for certification by state education agencies and are academically eligible to take the national examinations for independent practice in psychology and national certification as school psychologists.

School psychologists from Penn State also are life-long learners who sustain an interest in maintaining and developing sound practices which derive from up-to-date, research-based information. Our graduates critically evaluate their practices and remain informed consumers of empirical literature, assessment tools, and intervention strategies. Penn State school psychologists help provide a bridge between research and the professional practices of educators, systems, and institutions.