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Courses Chosen in Consultation with a SPLED Advisor

Courses chosen in consultation with a SPLED Advisor


Communication Disorders (CMDIS)

CMDIS 300 Language Development
CMDIS 368 Sign Language I
CMDIS 369 Deafness and Society
CMDIS 450 Use of Technology ion Communication Disorders


Counselor Education (CNED)

CNED 401 Foundations of Chemical Dependency Counseling
CNED 403 Foundations of Guidance and Counseling
CNED 404 Group Procedures in Guidance and Counseling
CNED 408 Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation
CNED 409 Medical Information for Counselors
CNED 410 Psychiatric Rehabilitation
CNED 412 Rehabilitation Facilities and Services
CNED 413W Rehabilitation Case Recording and Management
CNED 421 Counseling Strategies for Preventing Chemical Dependency
CNED 423 Student Assistance Programs


Early Childhood Education (ECE)

ECE 451 Instruction in Early Childhood Education Derived from Development Theories
ECE 452 Approaches to Contemporary Early Childhood Education Programs
ECE 453 Parent Involvement in Home, Center, and Classroom Instruction
ECE 479 The Young ChildÕs Play as Educative Processes


Educational Psychology (EDPSY)

EDPSY 400 Instruction to Statistics in Educational Research
EDPSY 475 Introduction to Educational Research
EDPSY 421 Learning Processes in Relation to Educational Practices


Health Education (HLED)/Kinestheology (KINES)

HLED 446 Human Sexuality as a Health Concern
KINES 445 Alcohol and Drug Education
KINES 463 Acquisition of Motor Skills
KINES 483 Motor Patterns of Children


Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)

HDFS 405 Gender and Social Development
HDFS 410 Communities and Families
HDFS 411 The Helping Relationship
HDFS 412 Adult-Child Relationships
HDFS 418 Family Relationships
HDFS 428 Infant Development
HDFS 429 Advanced Child Development
HDFS 431 Family Disorganization: Stress Points in the Contemporary Family
HDFS 432 Developmental Problems in Childhood and Adolescence
HDFS 433 Developmental Transition to Adulthood
HDFS 468 Biological Bases of Behavioral Development


Linguistics (LING)

LING 446 First Language Acquisition
LING 447 Bilingualism


Occupational Therapy (OT)

OT 101 Introduction to Occupational Therapy
OT 103 Activity Analysis: Daily Living Skills
OT 107 Activity Analysis: Therapeutic Devices
OT 202 Occupational Therapy of Developmental Disabilities
OT 204 Occupational Therapy for Psychosocial Dysfunction
OT 206 Occupational Therapy for Physical Disabilities


Psychology (PSY)

PSY 404 Conditioning and Learning
PSY 407 Behavior Genetics
PSY 412 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 421 Advanced Cognitive Psychology
PSY 423 Cognitive Devilment
PSY 424 Social and Personality Development
PSY 430 Psychology of Memory
PSY 436 Mental Health in Schools
PSY 437 Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 444 Attention and Information Processing
PSY 474 Psychology of Exception Children


Recreation and Park Management (RPM)

RPM 486 Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation


Rural Sociology (R SOC)

R SOC 422 Family in Rural Society
R SOC 425 Poverty Analysis: People and Programs
R SOC 444 Social Change in Rural America


Science Education (SCIED)

SCIED 454 Science in Early Childhood Education
SCIED 455 Field Natural History for Teachers
SCIED 456 Teaching of Conservation of Natural Resources in The Schools


Sociology (SOC)

SOC 406 Sociology of Deviance
SOC 408 Urban Sociology
SOC 409 Racial and Ethnic Inequality in America
SOC 430 Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective


Workforce Education and Development (WF ED)

WF ED 413 Vocational Education for Special Needs Learners