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Financial Aid for Doctoral Students

The Department has funds for assistantships for doctoral students in Special Education. Some sources of funding restrict appointment to U.S. citizens. Assistantships pay a stipend and carry a remission of tuition and fees. Assistantship appointments are made by the semester (18 week appointments) or academic year (36 week appointments). Typically, the Department offers a limited number of half-time assistantships (requiring 20 hours work per week) and quarter-time assistantships (requiring 10 hours of work per week). The University sets the dollar value for assistantships in 18 steps for each type of appointment (i.e., 0.5 or 0.25 assistantship). Specific inquiries about assistantships in any of the a special education programs should be sent to the Professor-in-Charge. In addition, you may check out student aid section of the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin for more detailed information.

Externally Funded Assistantships for Doctoral students

The Special Education program has received federal funding to support doctoral students with specialized career and/or research interests. Funds are currently available for students seeking a Ph.D. in special education.

Training in the Professoriate for Special Education

Applications are accepted continuously; however, the deadline for submitting applications for Fall Semester is April 1 and for Spring Semester is November 1. It is strongly recommended that applications be submitted by December 1 of the prior academic year in order to receive full consideration for a financial award.