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Financial Aid for Graduate Students

The Department has some funds for assistantships and for hourly employment of graduate students in Special Education. Master's and doctoral students may apply.

Some sources of funding restrict appointment to U.S. citizens.

Assistantships pay a stipend and carry a remission of tuition and fees. Typically, the Department offers a limited number of half-time assistantships (requiring 20 hours work per week) and quarter-time assistantships (requiring 10 hours of work per week). Specific inquiries about assistantships in any of the a special education programs should be sent to the Professor in Charge.

Work study and wage payroll positions are also available from time to time. Work study appointments are based, in part, on a student's economic need. Both work study and wage payroll positions pay hourly wages and carry no benefits. More information about assistantships, work study, and other types of financial aid is available on the Graduate School website. In addition, you may check out the tuition and financial aid section of the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin for more detailed information.