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Summary page of contact information for the EPS Department

Education Policy Studies consists of highly ranked graduate programs in Higher Education, Educational Theory and Policy, and Educational Leadership, and an undergraduate program in Education and Public Policy. We also host an interdepartmental faculty that offers a dual-title degree program in Comparative and International Education, and we offer a joint degree program between Penn State Law (J.D.) and our doctoral and masters programs in Higher Education and Educational Leadership. We serve approximately 450 full- and part-time bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and post-baccalaureate certification students, including robust enrollments in our online programs in Higher Education and Educational Leadership. We have 32 full-time faculty (26 tenure-line and six fixed-term) and about 20 part-time faculty who teach and advise students in our residential and online programs. Our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized with diverse interests and vibrant research portfolios encompassing educational policy, assessment and evaluation, history, economics and finance, leadership and governance, sociology, law, equity, rural communities, and comparative and international education. A third of our doctoral students are fully-funded with tuition and stipends to work with faculty on various projects.  EPS is home to several prominent centers, including the Center for the Study of Higher Education, The Center for Educational Disparities Research, and the Center for Education and Civil Rights. We provide certification for students wishing to be teacher leaders, principals and superintendents. Alumni also serve as faculty and administrators in universities in the US and abroad, and they work at state, national and international governmental and non-governmental agencies and research institutes.

Department of Education Policy Studies
The Pennsylvania State University
300 Rackley Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-0619
FAX: (814) 865-1480

Faculty Administrators

NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail Address
Kevin Kinser Department Head 311 Rackley Building
David Gamson Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies 310D Rackley Building


NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail Address
Katerina Bodovski Educational Theory & Policy (EDTHP) 310F Rackley Building
David Guthrie Coordinator, M.Ed. in Higher Education Program (HIED) 405D Rackley Building
Gerald LeTendre Comparative & International Education (CIED) 310G Rackley Building
Leticia Oseguera Higher Education Program (HIED) 404F Rackley Building
Deb Schussler Educational Leadership (EDLDR) 204H Rackley Building
Mary Ellen Schaub Major Coordinator, Education & Public Policy Program (EPP) 302C Rackley Building

EPS Ombudspeople

NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail Address
Erica Frankenberg 207B Rackley Building
David Gamson 310D Rackley Building

 Staff Contacts

NamePositionOffice AddressE-mail AddressPhone Number
Sue Tighe Administrative Coordinator 311 Rackley Building (814) 863-0619
Open Budget Support 300 Rackley Building
Susan Bass HIED Support 400 Rackley Building (814) 863-2690
Barbara Duncan EDLDR Support 200 Rackley Building (814) 865-1487
Lindsay Fouse EDTHP & CIED Support 300 Rackley Building

(814) 865-1488

Jean McMahon Center for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) Support  406 Rackley Building

 (814) 865-8367