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Certification Programs

The Educational Leadership Program of The Pennsylvania State University offers two certification programs: the Principal Certification Program and the Letter of Eligibility Program. The Principal Certification Program is currently offered at University Park and Harrisburg campus locations. The Letter of Eligibility Program and associated courses are offered only at the University Park campus location.

Immediately upon acceptance into either certification program, candidates for Principal Certification or the Letter of Eligibility should contact their assigned academic adviser for course planning sheets, information on their electronic portfolio, and further information regarding the Performance-based Internship required by both certification programs.

Entrance into certification programs for administrative positions requires admission to the Graduate School and to the Educational Leadership Program. For specific materials and requirements related to the application to the program, please visit our How To Apply page.

Evaluation of Credentials

Preliminary evaluation of credentials is recommended and is available through the Educational Leadership certification officer. Upon acceptance into the program, however, all students must have their credentials evaluated and the program requirements that must be met prior to a recommendation for certification determined by the certification officer. When all requirements are satisfactorily met, the program certification officer will forward all necessary substantiating documents to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for the desired certification. University officials make recommendations only on the completion of the program, including the 360-hour, year-long internship and successful completion of any tests required by the PDE.

The Principal Certification Program (PCP)

How to Apply
Required Courses

The Principalship Internship
Praxis Exam

Letter of Eligibility Program (LOE)

How to Apply
Required Courses

The Letter of Eligibility Internship

Approved Policy for both Certification Programs
Certification Advisement
Application for Certificate