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Application for Certificate

Each person completing certification requirements must comply with University and PDE requirements, and must present the following items as part of the application for certification:

  1.  Proof of experience in teaching and administration (three years relevant teaching experience required for principal's certificate; three years administrative experience required for the letter of eligibility). (PDE form PDE 338 V, Verification of Experience)
  2. Official transcripts for all courses taken, including name(s) of institutions, location(s) where courses were taken, date, title, number of credit hours, and grade.
  3. Verification of internship experience within application for the principal certificate.
  4. Registration in the Pennsylvania Department of Education's TIMS (Teacher Information Management System). Current fee is $125.00.
  5. Copy of current professional certificate.
  6. Completed PDE-338 C (Pennsylvania College/University Verification Form for PA Graduates), PDE 338G (General Application for PA Certificate), PDE 338V (Verification of Experience Performed Outside of PA), General College/University Verification Form and Application for Pennsylvania Certification Form.

Complete instructions are available at the following PDE web site:  To obtain the Forms and documents select the “Forms and Documents” on the left navigation bar.

The program faculty at The Pennsylvania State University can only certify completion of the approved program leading to administrative certification in Pennsylvania. We have no other influence on the Department of Education's judgment regarding professional experience. Further, the time required by the Department of Education to complete processing of the application and forwarding of the certification varies greatly. Once the recommendation from the College of Education’s Deans office is sent to the Department of Education, the certification process is in the hands of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Once the Dean's office has  forwarded its recommendation, inquiries concerning the progress of the certification process should be directed to the appropriate officials of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.