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Approved Policy for both Certification Programs

  1. All courses taken for certification (Principal or Letter of Eligibility) must be completed within an 8-year period. (The eight-year period is defined by the number of years the Graduate School allows for completion of the M.Ed.) The 8-year mark stretches back from completion of the last course required in the certification program, usually the internship. Any courses taken before the 8-year period will not count toward endorsement for certification.

    Thus, if the final course (e.g., internship) for the certification program is taken and successfully completed in 2014, then all certification courses taken between 2006 and 2014 are eligible to count toward endorsement for certification. Any courses taken before 2006 are ineligible for endorsement for certification.

  2. Specific course requirements in either certification program are contingent upon decisions and policy set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Thus, students admitted under one set of course requirements may see changes to these certification requirements before they complete the program.  In such cases the Educational Leadership Program will attempt to accommodate the students in transitioning from one set of requirements to another as much as possible. However, students should be aware that in order to receive an endorsement for certification, they must meet all PDE requirements in effect at the time they complete the certification program.