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Course Descriptions

A description of courses offered by the Educational Theory and Policy program in the College of Education at Penn State

In addition to the courses listed below, students can also take research courses in other College of Education programs.

EDTHP 115: Education in American Society
Introduction to the development of educational institutions, with emphasis on historical, philosophical, and sociological forces, and on problems of equity.

EDTHP 200: Educational Reform and Public Policy
The course uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore the reforms that shape the nation's largest social institution--public education.

EDTHP 234H: Honors Leadership Jumpstart
Intensive survey of contemporary leadership theory joined with practice, team-building skills, policy formation and influence, and service leadership.

EDTHP 394: Professional Development in Education and Public Policy
This course develops professional skills and opportunities to prepare students for field placement and future employment or study.

EDTHP 395: Field Experience in Education and Public Policy
This course structures a summer field experience, research project, and service in an off-site educational policy organization.

EDTHP 401 (CI ED): Introduction to Comparative Education
Origins, nature, scope, basic literature, and methodology of comparative education. Study of sample topics.

EDTHP 411: Ethnic Minorities and Schools in the United States
Analysis of the social and cultural factors which affect educational outcomes among minority students, especially Blacks, Hispanics, and Indians.

EDTHP 412 (WMNST): Education and the Status of Women
An examination of the relationship of education to the status of women in American society.

EDTHP 416 (SOC): Sociology of Education
The theoretical, conceptual, and descriptive contributions of sociology to education.

EDTHP 420: Education and Public Policy
Focus on the development and analysis of education policy, and policy’s influence on schools.

EDTHP 427: Intelligence and Educational Policy
This course explores the concept of intelligence and its assessment from historical, psychological, educational and policy perspectives.

EDTHP 430: History of Education in the United States
American educational ideas and practice critically examined in terms of their historical development and contemporary significance.

EDTHP 434H: Honors Teaching Experience in Leadership Jumpstart
Guided instruction and practical experience for teaching assistants to the Honors Leadership Jumpstart course (EDTHP 234H).

EDTHP 440 (CI ED): Introduction to Philosophy of Education
Introduction to the examination of educational theory and practice from philosophical perspectives, classical and contemporary.

EDTHP 441: Education, Schooling and Values
Studies in education and schooling as problems in value; axiological problems and positions; examination of practical applications, including moral education.

EDTHP 500: Proseminar in Educational Theory and Policy
An introduction to disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies in educational theory and policy.

EDTHP 507 (CI ED 503; HI ED 503): Ethnicity, National Identity, and Education
Surveys group-oriented education policies internationally, especially comparing those of Britain, Taiwan, India.

EDTHP 516 (CI ED): Education and Demographic Change in the United States and Abroad
Interrelationship between schooling and employment, marriage, fertility, and migration. Focus comparatively on the United States and developing countries.

EDTHP 518: Analysis of U. S. Educational Policy
The interaction between educational theory and social structure focusing on the role of practicing intellectuals in contemporary institutional settings.

EDTHP 520: Perspectives on Contemporary School Reform
Examination of contemporary U.S. school reform, with a focus on contrasting theoretical perspectives and the application of policy analysis principles.

EDTHP 523: Interpreting and Analyzing Quantitative Studies in Education Policy
Effective reading of academic articles in educational policy based on quantitative methods.

EDTHP 525: Alternative Assessment of National Educational and Health Policies
Overview of alternative research strategies in education, nursing and health education studies used to study impact of national policies.

EDTHP 527: Testing and Educational Equity
This course considers testing, the reasons that policymakers have widely adopted testing, and implications of testing for educational equity.

EDTHP 533: Social History and Education Policy
Historical study of social dimensions in the formation of education policy.

EDTHP 534: Childhood and Education in Sociological and International Comparative Perspective
The course objective is to use an international comparative lens and sociological perspective to examine the social, cultural, political and economic forces that shape childhood and the role education plays in the process.

EDTHP 536: Studies in Educational Thought
Studies in the historical development of educational theory.

EDTHP 538 (SOC): Sociology of Education
Provides students with an overview of dominant sociological theoretical perspectives on schools, schooling, and education in modern society.

EDTHP 541 (CI ED): Contemporary Philosophies of Education
Educational theory and practice in relation to contemporary movements in philosophy.

EDTHP 553 (CI ED; HI ED; SOC): Educational Mobility in Comparative Perspective
Role of education in social mobility, using quantitative, qualitative, and historical methods; focused comparatively on Britain, East Asia, and South America.

EDTHP 555: Migration and Children's Education
The research theories and policies useful for understanding the schooling processes and outcomes of immigrants' children.

EDTHP 557 (HI ED; SOC): Sociology of Higher Education
Reviews theory and current sociology research on student access, achievement, and governance in postsecondary education, with applications to policy analysis.

EDTHP 580: Improving Educational Writing
Focus on components of high quality academics writing for educational research, with a special emphasis on improving the writing process.

EDTHP 582 (HI ED; EDLDR): Reviewing and Editing Education and Policy Journals
Introduction to education journals and the review and editing process; discussion of emerging issues within the academic publishing industry.

EDTHP 585 (HI ED; EDLDR): Research Design: Implications for Decisions in Higher Education
A capstone course on research design and analytical approaches to support decision-making in administration and policy-making.

EDTHP 586 (HI ED; EDLDR): Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
Exploration of the theoretical framework undergirding qualitative research and its attendant practices and techniques.

EDTHP 587 (HI ED; EDLDR): Education Policy and Politics
The political economy and bureaucratic politics of educational organizations, with special attention to the policy-making, implementation, and evaluation process.

EDTHP 588(EDLDR 588, HI ED 588): Qualitative Methods in Educational Research II

EDTHP 596: Individual Studies

EDTHP 597: Special Topics

EDTHP 600: Thesis Research (On Campus)

EDTHP 601: Ph.D. Dissertation, Full-Time

EDTHP 602: Supervised Experience in College Teaching
This class enables doctoral students to gain experience in college teaching under the supervision of a course instructor.

EDTHP 610: Thesis Research (Off Campus)

EDTHP 611: Ph.D. Dissertation, Part-Time