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Travel Grant Application Guidelines

To make sure that you get reimbursed the full amount of your grants, please read these EPS Travel Procedures BEFORE making arrangements and make sure you seek assistance if you don't understand the policy.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact either Sue Tighe (863-0619, ) or the department financial assistant (863-3760).

To encourage participation in scholarly meetings, the Department of Education Policy Studies (EPS) has allocated funding to support graduate student travel. Generally, departmental student travel awards are not sufficient to cover the entire cost of presenting at a conference, and the overall department budget for student travel will not be sufficient to fund all requests.


  • Students must be on the program as the presenter of a paper, round table or poster, related to work conducted as part of their EPS research and/or activities. Other forms of participation are occasionally supported, but mere attendance does not qualify.
  • Each student can request a maximum of $350 in total department support to participate in a scholarly meeting. The request must be accompanied by the adviser’s endorsement of the purpose for the travel.
  • Typically, only one meeting per academic year can be supported.
  • Departmental assistance may be used for meals, lodging, travel expenses, and conference registration fees. Students should check with the department finance assistant prior to making travel arrangements for help with necessary documentation.
  • Students with the strongest academic record will receive priority in allocation of travel funds. Students with a GPA below 3.3 are ineligible.
  • Departmental funds will be prioritized to Ph.D. students who have applied for other sources of funding.
  • Students should apply to the Department Head for support. Information needed includes the name and date of the conference, the nature of the participation, the other sources of funding applied for, and other travel assistance received by the applicant in the same academic year. The application should also include a budget of expected expenses and the amount of funding requested. A form is provided for this purpose.


  • Applications for FALL conferences accepted August - November.
  • Applications for SPRING conferences accepted December - April.
  • JUNE conference expenses must be processed prior to June 30. Paying early for the conference registration or flight may help.
  • The Dean’s Office can only match up to $200 per student per conference as funds allow.


  • Complete both the Department and College funding request applications.  You can access the College Graduate Student Conference Travel application and the Department Student Travel Request forms at the links provided.
  • Complete both applications and give them to your adviser for review and signature. They will complete Section 5 on the College application and will sign the Department form.
  • Deliver the completed forms to either Sue Tighe or the department financial assistant in 300 Rackley.
  • Once your funding has been approved by both the department and College, you will receive an e-mail from Heather Decker. This e-mail will give you the combined total funding awarded by EPS and the College.

The purpose of this travel grant is to provide funding to students who have completed a substantial portion of their graduate course work and to present results from their research. The activity should be one where you are participating as a presenter, officer, or panel member at a regional or national association, or professional venue; or, have been invited or nominated and selected by the organization to attend a symposium or workshop.