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Degree Programs

Three degrees are offered in Higher Education: M.Ed., D.Ed., and Ph.D.  In each case, a student’s program of study is not prescribed; the specific design and content are the joint responsibility of the student and the Higher Education advisor.

Flexibility is considered a valuable asset in the establishment of stimulating, imaginative, and scholarly programs suited to the particular background and interests of individual students, and to the demands of the profession and the scholarly study of higher education.  At Penn State, this flexibility rests ont he opportunity to choose from among the total resources of the University and from those provided by Higher Education faculty members whose established interests encompass a substantial range of scholarship, specialization, and experience.  In addition to programs for majors in Higher Education, a minor is also offered for students interested in combining such study with another major field of study.

In addition to these degree programs, we also offer two joint degree programs and an institutional research certificate program.  This website provides information about all of these options.  If you have questions, please contact us directly.