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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for admission to the IR Certificate Program?
For admission questions, please visit: https:ed/

Is it possible to take individual IR Certificate courses without enrolling in the program?
Yes, we expect to have space, but enrollment preference in each course will be given to students who are officially admitted to the Certificate program.

How many credits can be transferred toward the IR Certificate Program?
Three graduate-level credits received at other college or university can be transferred toward the 15-credit Penn State IR Certificate. The appropriateness of particular courses is a judgment by the Faculty Adviser made in consultation with the student.  Final decision is made by the Graduate School.

Is it possible to transfer Penn State Certificate credits toward another graduate degree to be completed at Penn State or another university?
All of Penn State's IR Certificate courses are graduate level courses; therefore, they would be transferable toward a graduate degree here or elsewhere. However, individuals should consider the curricular and credit transfer policies at the institutions to which you wish to transfer credits.

Can students come to Penn State and complete the Certificate in a year?
Whether in residence at University Park or on line at a distance, students may complete the certificate in a year by taking at least two IR courses per semester and two in the summer.

Do you have a list of available courses?
Yes. See the schedule of upcoming courses on the IR homepage. You may also review a list of all courses on the Courses and Curriculum page.

How is the Certificate awarded?
The Certificate is awarded by submitting your program of study worksheet and notifying the Program Coordinator. The Program Completion Notification & Application for Certificate should be shared with your adviser. The adviser will then notify the staff assistant in Higher Education to complete and submit the form to the Registrar's Office. The certificate is mailed to the awardee at the address provided on their original application unless otherwise specified.