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#11 SMART Graduate Assistant

Student Minority Advisory and Recruitment Team (SMART)
Undergraduate Admissions Office
Graduate Assistant Position Description

Graduate Assistant for SMART

The purpose of this position is to support the Student Minority Advisory and Recruitment Team (SMART) organization, an undergraduate student volunteer group of approximately 75 members affiliated with the Undergraduate Admissions Office (UAO). The Graduate Assistant works with these volunteers in order to accomplish the office’s recruitment goals and the organization’s mission and goals, but also to ensure that each volunteer’s potential is met through leadership development, appreciation of diversity, and development of communication skills. This position offers the opportunity to work directly with students on a daily basis as you help the organization grow by providing guidance and leadership development for students. The assistant will work with the Visitation Team in Undergraduate Admissions (Associate Director, Student Volunteer Coordinator, and others) to design and implement programs to increase student involvement and to enhance students’ collegiate experience by supporting the initiatives of the Undergraduate Admissions Office.


This position reports to the Associate Director, but works most closely with the Student Volunteer Coordinator on a daily basis. This position is approximately 20 hours a week, which includes weekly evening hours, as well as occasional weekend hours. This position will oversee the growth of SMART and mentor student volunteers that work with the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

  • Help SMART achieve its mission by recruiting, retaining, and representing a diverse student body
  • Serve as the lead planner for the student’s involvement with the Achievers Program and Spend a Fall Day recruitment events
  • Assist with the planning of these, and other, UAO events
  • Work closely with Lion Scouts graduate assistant to maintain and strengthen working relationships between the Lion Scouts and SMART student volunteer groups, and promote collaboration with Lion Ambassadors, a tour group external to the admissions office
  • Oversee rewards program for SMART student volunteers. Also, depending on the Executive Board, the Graduate Assistant may help with SMART consequence system, including monitoring attendance, drops, misses, etc.
  • Create initiatives that foster high morale and engagement in the organization
  • Maintain student volunteer office and materials
  • Attend weekly SMART meetings, which are typically Monday evenings
  • Serve as a mentor for students, helping to provide counsel regarding academic, personal, ethical, and leadership development issues
  • Work closely with SMART Executive Board to accomplish goals set forth by UAO and the student group
  • Initiate new and innovative programs for SMART that help further the mission of UAO, as well as the student organization and support all current student group programming
  • Collaborate with University staff and peers to develop projects
  • Serve as liaison between students and admission staff
  • Participate in professional development opportunities and help to provide students with both professional development opportunities and opportunities for learning and leadership skill development
  • Hold scheduled daytime and evening office hours in the Shields Building and maintain an open door policy for SMART members
  • Promote diversity within the organization
  • Assist with the recruitment of new members and their training process
  • Gain an understanding and knowledge of tour information
  • Help manage a graduate assistant budget, as well as a budget for the organization and aid in the student’s understanding of budget policies and procedures
  • Document graduate assistant daily functions and responsibilities within office’s network

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop leadership, teamwork, and mediation skills through advising student volunteer programs
  • Relate student development theories through daily work with students based on the organization’s needs and dynamic
  • Gain knowledge of diversity by working with a diverse student population
  • Gain knowledge of budget management
  • Develop time management skills by working on multiple projects and program implementation
  • Identify tools that evaluate the effectiveness of student volunteer programs and customer service
  • Develop knowledge of the core functions and goals of the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and how it relates to student recruitment and institutional strategic objectives
  • Interact and collaborate with UAO staff members


  • Full-time enrollment in a Master’s graduate program at The Pennsylvania State University, preferably in College Student Affairs, Higher Education, or other related program
  • Capacity to work with a diverse population
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Capable of handling multiple tasks at one time
  • Excellent time management and attention to deadlines
  • Experience working with students, particularly in a supervisory role
  • Interest in working directly and heavily with students (required) and interest in admissions work (preferred)
  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Adept at using computers and various technology and platforms for communication and organization management

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