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#2 Outreach and Inclusion, Career Services Graduate Assistant

To initiate and coordinate outreach to underrepresented student organizations educating on the importance of gaining career-related experience during college and connecting them to the services, programs, and resources available within their colleges, at Career Services and across the University. In addition, the Outreach and Inclusion Graduate Assistant will assist the Student Outreach Coordinator with other events designed to promote the career development of students from underrepresented groups at the University Park campus.

Principle Responsibilities:

  1. Promote student participation in career services and programs through outreach efforts and correspondence with student groups.
  2. Liaison with the designated multicultural representatives from the academic colleges and DUS, AAP, and MRC in an effort to increase student awareness of career services, programs, and resources.
  3. In collaboration with the Career Services liaison, connect with the internship offices within the academic colleges to ensure that accurate career information is provided to students.
  4. Maintain positive communications with campus support and advocacy offices.
  5. Assist the Student Outreach Coordinator with special events such as large-scale diversity events associated with Fall and Spring Career Days.
  6. Attend staff meetings and assist with other office functions.
  7. Support Career Services through participation in programs, workshops, events, recruiter duty, and drop-in counseling.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Principle Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstration of interest in and ability to learn about individuals different than oneself.
  2. Understanding of the characteristics of effective educational interventions.
  3. Ability to apply theory to develop effective educational programs.
  4. Experience-based evidence of program planning, implementation, and assessment.
  5. Demonstration of self-management.

General Qualifications:

Be a graduate student in good standing. Have an interest in and ability to learn the outreach, programming, counseling, and administrative aspects of the career services profession; be at ease with and proficient in the delivery of career-related counseling; demonstrate a professional demeanor to work closely with employers, faculty, and staff as well as students; and possess strong oral and written communication skills. The candidate should have a positive, team-oriented attitude and the ability to take initiative on projects. Finally, the candidate must be committed to providing career services to diverse underrepresented student populations.

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