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Initial College of Education Action Plan

The initial steps outlined in this plan were identified through work with a core group of faculty of color and are informed by the voices of our students of color. These actions are both inward focused and outward facing. We have already begun this work and will revise it on a continual basis based on input from our community and add to it as our College needs evolve.

We commit to:

  1. develop an adaptive equity-minded/equity praxis leadership team through engagement in professional development experiences and dialogue to better understand how White privilege, our own and that imbued in our college procedures, structures, and curriculum, acts as a barrier to racial justice and supports systems of oppression.
  2. support the development of a College-wide council, composed of faculty, staff, and students of color and equity allies and accomplices, that will serve as an advisory body to college leadership to support justice-oriented impact. We will establish a fund to be used by the council for purposes of directing the Dean’s Equity Forum and other activities to support our faculty, staff, and students of color. The chair of the council will serve on the Dean’s Advisory Council as a member of the College Leadership Team.
  3. review all policies and standards of the College with the specific goal of identifying processes that impact the success of faculty and students of color. We will begin with policies regarding promotion and tenure, faculty and staff searches, and the evaluation of teaching effectiveness. 
  4. develop a consistent and transparent process to identify and document service done by faculty and staff in support of the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We will ensure that such service is valued and rewarded in faculty and staff annual reviews and merit salary increases.
  5. conduct a critical review of the College curriculum regarding attention to race and issues of equity in undergraduate and graduate courses. We will make revisions to the curriculum as needed. In addition, we will provide support for instructors' use of, and teaching about, equity-minded and asset-based pedagogies.
  6. establish a required, credit-bearing course for all incoming undergraduate students focused on social justice and equity with an explicit exploration of race. 
  7. strengthen existing and developing new and innovative partnerships with diverse schools and districts and communities of color where we enact the professional preparation of educators as well as our research and outreach. 
  8. invite the College community to join us in moving this leadership resolution and action plan to one endorsed and enacted by all its members. 
  9. communicate with Commonwealth campuses and other institutions of higher education across the Commonwealth to ensure that we learn from their efforts and can share what we have developed so that the impact occurs across all of Penn State and the state of Pennsylvania.
  10. engage and work with Penn State leadership and the leadership of other colleges to focus on these issues and develop collaborative action plans to move the University forward. 

Some of these action steps are more quickly addressed than others. As such, each semester, the College leadership will evaluate progress on these steps, revise and add steps where warranted, and provide a written update on the advancement of work outlined. 

Once again, we look forward to working together as a College on the refinement of this initial action plan when we are back together this fall.  

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