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College of Education commitment to equity

These turbulent times present a call to action and as we recognize that silence is endorsement, we will no longer be silent. As leaders in the College of Education at The Pennsylvania State University, we endorse the leadership resolution linked below as a living document, making transparent our commitment to combat and actively dismantle persistent, both cloaked and visible, systemic racism. As researchers and educators, we have a moral imperative to act against systems that perpetuate bias, discrimination, and racism. As a community we recognize that these systems impact, disenfranchise, and oppress on the basis of many ‘othernesses.’ While we abhor and seek to combat all forms of discrimination, this moment requires us to specifically address the centuries of discrimination and racism endured by Black Americans in this country and proclaim here that each and every Black life matters. 

We urge you to consider standing with us in endorsing this resolution. We also encourage you to help us revise this living proclamation to best reflect our recognition of racism, its roots, its impacts on Black lives and other marginalized groups as well as the proactive work in which we will engage to overcome it. 

While this leadership resolution presents a critically important, transparent, strong, and visible statement regarding our stance on the systemic racism, oppression, and violence that have had a multigenerational impact on Black lives, our words will ring hollow if they are not accompanied by action. Therefore, we also commit to taking concrete steps to change the trajectory created by the original sin of this country. 

We provide below both the leadership resolution and a set of initial actions we are currently taking and a process to continue to identify and implement actionable strategies that centers racial justice as a core thread in the work we as a College conduct.

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