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New Research Brief!

Research Brief #10

Incarcerated fathers' experiences in the Read to Your Child/Grandchild
Program:  Supporting children's literacy, learning, and education

Esther Prins, Tabitha Stickel, and Anna Kaiper

October 2019

As stated in the Brief: 

This study used qualitative data to analyze how 11 fathers in a rural Pennsylvania prison were involved in their children's literacy, learning, and education before and during incarceration and through the Read to Your Child/Grandchild (RYGG) program. Before RYCG, most fathers took steps such as reading to children, teaching reading and math, attending parent-teacher conferences, helping with homework, and singing and rhyming—and then sought to continue supporting their children’s learning from within prison. Fathers used RYCG materials to emphasize the importance of education, literacies, and numeracies, while also creating personalized scrapbooks and letters that cultivated their children’s literacy abilities and cognitive, educational, and socio-emotional development.

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