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College of Education > Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy > Family Literacy Certificate > ADTED 459: Interactive Literacy and Parent Involvement: Supporting Academic Success

ADTED 459: Interactive Literacy and Parent Involvement: Supporting Academic Success

Offered each Spring Semester

ADTED 459:  Interactive Literacy and Parental Involvement:  Supporting Academic Success:  identifies and analyzes current research related to parent involvement in education and parent-child interactive literacy activities. Language diversity of all types will be an ongoing theme, and the course will review research-based teaching practices and activities with adaptations for English language learners and for children with other types of language differences.

Learning Objectives:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify key characteristics of parent involvement in a child’s language and literacy development and the literature that informs the value of parent involvement.
  • Discuss a variety of supportive literacy and language development activities.
  • Discuss research that informs interactive literacy parent trainings.
  • Identify and discuss the implications of working with diverse families.
  • Identify how relevant life content can be built into literacy activities.
  • Appreciate the relevance and importance of professional development.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Parent Involvement
  • Perceptions of Parents’ Educational Role
  • School-Home Connection
  • Fathers Versus Mothers
  • Parent Involvement Interactive Literacy Activities
    • What Are They?
    • Parent Interventions
    • Working with Diverse Families
    • Media & Digital Literacy
    • Health Literacy