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Search Tips

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Basic Search

Type specific words -- your search or keywords -- in the Basic Search option to find bibliography entries that include those words in the title, author, citation, and abstract fields.  For example, searching for child development will result in articles that include the words child OR development.  Or, a search for Anderson  will locate any abstract that includes that name.

You also can use quotation marks to search for exact phrases.  For example, you can enter "Early Childhood Research Quarterly" as the keywords in your search, and the results will list all abstracts found for the Early Childhood Research Quarterly publication.

Advanced Search

For more detailed results, use the Advanced Search option.  On this screen, you may search by Keywords, Author, Title, Date Range, publication type and category.  For example, you may want to search for Research Studies on Interactive Literacy Activities dated between the year 2000 and 2010 that focus on Hispanic families.  Use the keyword Hispanic, enter the date range, check the Research Studies check box in the Types of Publications section, and select the check box for Interactive Literacy Activities in the category section, as displayed below.


In the Advanced Search image above, note that the (check all) and (clear all) options in the Category section.  Click the "check all" link to check all the categories or click the "clear all" link to clear all the check boxes.  This is especially helpful if you want to search for articles in one category because you do not have to uncheck all other categories.  One click will clear all check boxes and a second click will select the category you wish to search.

Search Results

On the search results screen, abstracts are sorted by relevance.  Click the links as seen in the image below to re-sort the results by publication date or author.

You searched for:

  • Keywords: Hispanic
  • Date Range: 2000 - 2010
  • Publication Type: Research studies
  • Category:
           Interactive Literacy   
2 results found:  Showing results 1-2, sorted by relevance.
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