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If I am not to return during my RHS internship, will I have to make up these hours?

No, this situation is beyond your control and we will not impose any penalty for missing hours. Your health and the health of those you work with is the top priority here.

Will missing hours on my RHS internship impact my final grade?

No, your grade will be based on your current and remaining hours after the April 3 date.

What should I tell my on-site RHS internship supervisor about when I will return?

Jim Herbert will send out a similar email to all on-site supervisors using the email address that you indicated on your application form, but you should communicate this information directly by notifying them in person. If this is not possible then send an email and copy Dr. Herbert ( on it as well.

Will RHS internship mid-semester evaluations occur?

Yes, we will do those by Skype or Zoom. Dr. Herbert will send out a link in a day or so. If you do not have a camera on your laptop then you can schedule via telephone conference. In this instance, you need to send Dr. Herbert the number where you can be reached.