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Paper 1 Instructions


CI 295 intends to offer a variety of experiences (readings, discussions, field trips, tutoring, activities, assignments, etc.) that will inform (a) your decision to enter the profession (and to “declare” education as your “major”) and (b) what you believe about teaching, schooling, learning, and more.
Throughout the semester, we will be providing you with opportunities (in the form of 3 papers as well as in class activities and discussions) that will serve as “check-ins”—opportunities for you to take stock of what you’ve seen, heard, and engaged in and then to “report.” We understand these “check-ins” to be always reflective (you will always offer reflections on experiences, either present or past), sometimes summative (sometimes we’ll ask that you summarize your thoughts, reflections—following a specific experience—while making connections among experiences), and finally declarative (at the end of the semester, your third and final paper will include your declaration of what you’ve learned and what you believe about teaching.


In Paper #1, please address the following questions:
(1)     Who are you as a learner?
Please address HOW you learn (the conditions necessary for your learning, ex. the need for a patient “teacher,” quiet, etc.) and what qualities describe you as a learner (ex. persistent, eager, etc.).
(2)    How is your description of yourself as a learner related to who you believe you might become as a teacher?
Said differently, if you believe that you require opportunities to experiment, to try and fail, etc. in order to learn, then you may believe that as a teacher you will create learning environments where children/young people can engage in “hands-on” learning or cooperative learning, etc. Alternatively, you may describe yourself as a learner who is easily frustrated. You might then believe that learning requires frustration and as a teacher you’d build into your teaching opportunities for children/young people to become frustrated. [You might actually find NO relationship between yourself as a learner and who you believe you might become as a teacher. Though this scenario is difficult to believe, simply offer an explanation to justify your thinking.

The length of the paper should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1in margin.  PLEASE PRINT ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER. Please submit a paper copy of your Paper #1 in class during Week #2.
Point value = 10 pts.