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Paper 3 Instructions


On several occasions you have been asked to “check-in” with yourself, to occasionally share your revelations with others (your peers and your instructor), and to complete these “check-ins” in a variety of ways (papers, in-class discussions, etc.). Paper #3 is your final opportunity to “check-in.” Yet, this grande finale will be something more—a summary of what you have learned and what you have come to believe about teaching, learning, education, learners over the course of the last 15 weeks.
In preparation for Paper #3, please re-read ALL of your “tutoring reflections” and ALL OTHER MATERIALS generated during CI 295 (journal entries, field tasks, in-class writings, etc.). These written reflections and responses provide you a “looking glass”—a way to “see” who you are and who you are becoming on your path to becoming a professional educator. Look carefully. Open yourself to learning something you didn’t already know. Expect to be surprised. Then, summarize what you’ve discovered.


In Paper #3, please address the following questions:
(1)     What have you learned about learning, teaching, learners, education, etc. this semester?          Be sure to explain WHAT you’ve learned, HOW you have come to this learning, and the MEANING or SIGNIFICANCE of this learning to you.
For example, you might say that you have learned that teaching—if it is to be “authentic”—requires honesty. You might continue with an explanation that authentic teaching requires that the teacher be honest with herself about what outcomes she’s truly achieved, with her students in that they will ultimately not learn from someone whom they deem as dishonest, and with colleagues/parents/administrators IF all intend to work together for the benefit of children/young people. Next, explain HOW you have come to this “learning”—by observing an interaction between a teacher and young boy during a field trip to an elementary school (you may wish to provide more details about the interaction). Finally, you would explain why honesty has become significant to you as you contemplate your own future within the profession.
    Please include a minimum of 3 examples of your learning.

(2)    What does your response to (1) say about who you are now and who you are becoming as a teacher?     In other words, this second question is asking that you reflect upon your reflections.
    The responses you provide in (1) will inevitably reveal much about you. For instance, they might reveal that you have found your calling, the path most true to who you are because you find the practice of reflection so easy. In contrast, your responses may reveal that education is not the path meant for you to walk in that you “see” that others’ learning is not as important to you as it must be in order to be a successful educator. Lots of discoveries are likely to emerge—without “forcing” them or without saying something that isn’t your deepest truth at this moment.

The length of the paper should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1in margin.  PLEASE PRINT ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER. Please submit a paper copy of your Paper #3 in class during our final class meeting. Each instructor will provide you with details about how your paper, once read and scored, will become available to you for return.
Point value = 15 pts.