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College ListServe Guidelines

What Can I Post?

(From a Sept. 2008 E-mail to the College Listserve)


Some questions have surfaced recently about the purpose and use of the College Listserv, and it seems timely to provide a reminder. The Listserv is intended to share information with faculty and staff about activities and issues that pertain directly to the College. At the present time, we run this as an open listserve and all faculty and staff members may post messages.

We ask that individuals use good judgment to determine whether or not a message is appropriate for the Listserve.

If you have questions about whether or not a message should be posted, please contact the College Relations Office at The College Relations Office will endeavor to provide a timely response and will consult with others in the College administration, as appropriate. Many thanks for your continuing cooperation with this effort to maintain effective lines of communication within the College.

David H. Monk
College of Education