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    Detail of a stack of children's books
    Bernard Badiali
    detail of a female special ed student presenting research
    Arlene Tachine
    detail of lifelink PSU T-shirt with football player
    crowd of students at THON
    Alison Carr-Chelman
    Paula Donson
    Leslie Foster
    david monk
    Spencer Niles
    Ladi Semali
    Allie Rothenberger
    education student council student
    Bob Hendrickson
    Detail of Poster Outlining Student Research
    Bill Carlsen on his boat
    higher ed in review cover page
    Preston Green
    Stephanie Knight
    Stephanie Knight
    Closeup of College of Ed sign
    Michael Moore
    Jacqueline Edmondson
    Leanne Walter
    David Lee
    Talat Azhar
    Gail Boldt
    Alison Carr-Chellman
    Gay Krause
    Karen Murphy
    Matt Poehner
    Sue Rankin
    Frank Rusch
    Deborah Smith
    Vince Youngbauer
    Carla Zembal-Saul
    Donald K. Boswell
    Michael Dissen
    Kasey Sundin Woolslare
    Michelle Houser
    Sandy Sapas
    Leslie Potter
    Bob Reason
    Susan Faircloth
    Liz Mellin
    Kathleen Spicher
    Randy Persing
    Rafferty in El Salvador
    Gottfried with books
    Stefen Wisniewski
    Brittany Foreman
    Astrid Edens
    Alexa Hodge
    Anne Marie Ward
    Robert E. and Barbara Bennett Byrd
    hands holding framed certificate
    students playing football
    #1 symbol
    Ovid Tzeng
    DCEC Poster
    Kathleen Collins
    Pamela Anderson
    student interns make blankets to warm latin american orphans
    THON participant wearing a crown
    Wash Seminar
    Boy reading at reading camp
    Judi Hite
    female student teacher wearing Penn State shirt
    Thomas Farmer
    Student reading in class
    Ronald Ehrenberg
    Patricia Hinchey
    Gerald LeTendre
    Tina Vancas
    Lucy Phua
    Leah Bug
    Rose Baker
    Higher Ed in Review Cover Page
    Spikes logo
    Ed Fuller
    Students wearing all white
    Sibel Erduran
    Diana Pustula
    Kathleen Shannon
    John Gilmartin
    Tai Steeb in Turkey
    Myrna Covington
    Detail of TED logo
    Alicia McCracken
    Prevent Child Abuse ribbon
    Dana Mitra
    detail of graduate fellowship winner
    Lauren Apgar
    Kirstin Meyer
    Judith Kolb
    Beverly Lindsay
    Kathy Heid
    Jamie Myers