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Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards

The Penn State College of Education recognizes exemplary faculty, staff, and students each year. Information on the latest recipients and the award nomination forms are available here.

Nominations for the 2020-21 College of Education Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards Program are now being accepted. The College recognizes those who have made significant contributions to their respective fields, the College of Education, and larger University community.

The deadline for submission is JANUARY 31, 2021.

The awards nomination process has been streamlined with revised requirements for supporting documents. Fill out the writeable awards nomination form (PDF, 88 KB) and submit it along with the supporting materials to

Here's a list of previous award winners.

All Nomination Packets will include:

* Nomination Form
* Nominator's letter
* Candidate's vita or resume (when applicable)
* Two letters of support

Faculty Awards


Outstanding Researcher Award: Recognizes exemplary performance in the conduct of research by a College of Education faculty member.

A Junior faculty member may be nominated for the Outstanding Researcher Award. This award typically recognizes the significance of a particular contribution to the research literature.

A Senior faculty member may be nominated for the Senior Outstanding Researcher Award. This award recognizes the overall impact of one’s research and is typically given to a faculty member who has achieved national and international recognition as a result of his or her legacy;

Outstanding Teaching Award: Recognizes exemplary teaching performance in the classroom. Outstanding teaching implies the use of new instructional content and instructional approach as well as the use of emerging state-of-the-art technology. Undergraduate and graduate instruction may be recognized.
Award nominees may include tenured, tenure-track, visiting, instructors, fixed-term I, and multi-year faculty members.

Career Achievement Award: Recognizes faculty who are approaching the end of their careers. Teaching, research and service excellence over time provide the basis for being recognized with the Career Achievement Award. Typically, the nominee must have spent at least five years in residence at Penn State.

Staff Awards

Outstanding Staff Award: Honors both exempt and non-exempt staff members who contribute in significant ways to the quality of life within the College. Outstanding staff enable administrators, faculty, and students’ success by creating and fostering positive social environments, facilitating communication, and promoting improved methods of productivity.   Each year, this award can be given to one (1) exempt and one (1) non-exempt staff member.

Student Awards

Graduate Student Recognition Award: Recognizes an advanced graduate student’s contribution to research and/or teaching. Publications, conference presentations, external recognition from one’s professional association, and exemplary teaching are examples of outstanding performance that may be recognized. The nominee must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student in the College of Education.

Undergraduate Student Leadership and Service Award: Recognizes undergraduate student leaders. Candidates must be enrolled as a full-time baccalaureate student in the College of Education who is at least a junior and has maintained a 3.0 grade point average.

Faculty, Staff and Student Award (All members of the College)

Climate Enhancement Award: Recognizes contributions by any faculty, staff or student to the pursuit of the College's diversity agenda.


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