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Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

273 Chambers Bldg

Attendees: Dr.’s Liza Conyers, Richard Hazler, Karly Ford, Uju Anya, Soo-yong Byun, David Monk, Marsha Modeste, Julia Plummer, Gabriela Richard, Rachel Wolkenhauer, Marcela Borge

A quorum was reached to conduct official business.

1.    Minutes of the Preceding Meeting (from March 15, 2018) -- minutes were unanimously approved.

2.    Announcements by the Chair

2.1. Thank you to departing members and welcome new members

2.2. Need to identify Committee Chairs

3.    Communications to the Council

3.1. Undergraduate Student Council Updates – no updates

3.2. Graduate Student Council Updates (Ashley McCoy)

3.2.1.   Research Island on March 24th was a success! Many thanks to the faculty who joined us, especially those who presented!

3.2.2.   Next year’s Graduate Student Representative is Zoe Mandel, Ashley is graduating with her doctorate this summer!

4.    Comments by the Dean of the College

4.1. Faculty Searches – 10 tenure-line faculty signed contracts in hand (up from 7 last month). Areas are Children’s Literature, Rehabilitation and Human Services, Educational Theory and Policy joing with SSRI, Higher Education/Law, Math Education, and Social Studies Education. Two offers still pending (EDPSY and EDLDR/Finance). We could have as many as 14 new tenure-line faculty colleagues with us in the fall. Making plans for next year’s searches and hope tomake this announcement before the end of the semester.

4.2. Major Gift Officer -- This search continues. Candidates will be interviewed next week. This is a centrally funded position. Also, Mary Beth Spang has decided to go to graduate school next year so we’ll be looking for her successor as well.

4.3. Chambers Building Renovations -- The science education wing renovation project is now up and running and the wing has been closed off. I had a chance to meet with the C&I faculty to discuss plans for a renovation for the north side of the building. C&I renovation committee has been formed and will meet for the first time around the end of this semester. We’re all agreed that we will proceed carefully and thoroughly discuss the options.

4.4. Staff Advisory Committee – I’ve added this to the goals I’ve set with the Provost in my career conference, so we’ll get going on this project soon.

4.5. P&T Reviews – Currently wrapping up the 4th year reviews and attention will turn next to the 2nd year reviews. The Advisory Committee had a chance to debrief with the College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee recently and it was a fruitful conversation. The College Committee has prepared a document in which it offers suggestions to departments and candidates about what it finds helpful in the dossiers and supplemental materials. Once it is suitably vetted we’re planning to post this on our P&T web site so that it can serve as a resource. The plan is to also post the statement from the Faculty Council regarding supplemental materials assuming it is endorsed by the Council.

4.6. Fixed-Term Faculty Promotion Reviews – The dossiers are beginning to arrive in the dean’s office. A charge meeting for the College Fixed-Term Promotion Review Committee will take place on April 26.

4.7. Faculty Senate Visit – The Officers of the University Senate visited the College on April 3, 2018. This is part of an ongoing effort by the Senate to put its ear to the ground and to understand what’s going on within the colleges and campuses. Each college and campus is visited once every three years. The officers met with staff, students, faculty, and with the College administration. There will be report on this year’s visits to the Senate at the end of the year.

4.8. AERA -- The Penn State reception was quite successful with a good turnout. The College was well represented at the conference. Next year’s AERA conference will take place in Toronto. Suggestions are welcome for the College reception venue.

4.9. Commencement -- Dr. Michelle Cooper will be our commencement speaker on Sunday May 6th. There will be a reception for our graduates and their families in front of Chambers Building on the morning of the 6th. Please plan to join us. We’re hoping to have a good faculty turn out to support our graduates.

5.    Reports of Standing Committees

5.1. Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns (Richard Hazler)

5.1.1.   The awards ceremony was held last week. The event was widely attended and ran smoothly.

5.1.2.   Seeking FC member to chair next year’s committee.

5.2. Curricular Affairs (Diandra Prescod)

5.2.1.   Online D.Ed. Program – discussed the program being offered through world campus. The curricular committee thinks there needs to be a small group of faculty whose names appear on the proposal (not just Greg Kelly’s name). This would allow for more faculty in the College to have a say in the creation (and implementation) of the program. Some committee members think our faculty are overloaded and over-worked. Who will advise dissertations? Where will the staff/leadership come from? Discussions will continue on the Online D.Ed. at the next meeting.

5.3. Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Soo-yong Byun)

5.3.1.   Need a FC member to serve as chair for the 18/19 committee.

5.4. Technology (Marcela Borge)

5.4.1.   Crash Plan Software implementation going well.

5.4.2.   Teaching Labs moving to Solstice software.

5.4.3.   PSU transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 – transistion date for College of Education hasn’t been set.

5.4.4.   Colleges will no longer receive student technology fees.

5.4.5.   Looking for alternative means of funding technology proposals. Proposals will still be accepted in Fall.

5.4.6.   Seeking a FC member to serve on the Technology Committee for 18/19.

6.    Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Committees

7.    News from the Faculty Senate

7.1. No meeting since last faculty council meeting.

7.2. Some of Agenda items for next week’s meeting include:

7.2.1.   How late fees are assessed to undergraduate students.

7.2.2.   Recommendation for Standardized Support for Senate Officers

7.2.3.   Revision of AC-80 “Private Consulting Practice” - renaming

7.2.4.   Retiring AC-24 “Professional Dual Titles for Research Rank Faculty”

7.2.5.   Revision to AC-21 “Definition of Academic Ranks”

7.2.6.   International Emergency Medical Insurance Report

7.2.7.   2018 Report on Faculty Salaries in 2016-2017 Report

7.2.8.   Supporting International Students and Scholars at Penn State University Report

7.2.9.   The senate posts upcoming agendas and the meeting minutes. Visit to see the full agenda and past meeting minutes.

8.    Unfinished Legislative Business

8.1. Suggestions for resources related to preparing promotion and tenure materials.

8.1.1.   Dean Monk passed out a document prepared to help answer some of the supplemental materials questions posed at the last meeting. i.e. digitized – what does that mean? Answer is it isupto the department – technology is ever changing so don’t want to specify a particular digital means. Those who are already nearing their 6th yr review may use the physical box may continue using it if they wish. Digital submissions are desirable for those beginning the process.

8.1.2.   Motion to endorse the handout presented by Dean Monk. Motion approved unanimously.

8.2. Discussion of faculty work-load guidelines.

8.3. Discussion of guidelines for COE resident fixed-term faculty members

8.3.1.   Handed out a first draft of Guidelines for Fixed-Term Workload Assignments.

8.3.2.   It was noted that there are some FT faculty positions that this document does not address. Suggestions for adding language to encompass all types of FT faculty. Maybe changing categories and adding language within each. Make the document more “general”.

8.3.3.   Liza Conyers will take this to the College Advisory Committee for discussion.

9.    New Legislative Business

10. Forensic Business

10.1. Composition of Graduate Studies and Research Policy – Council felt the committee composition is properly configured and should not be comprised of the Graduate Studies Directors.

11. Comments and recommendations for the good of the College


Next Faculty Council Meeting: September 20, 2018
2:30-4:30 PM ~ TBA