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Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes - Sept. 20, 2018

September 20, 2018

 273 Chambers Bldg

 Attendees: Dr.’s Richard Hazler, Diandra Prescod, Scott Metzger, Fran Arbaugh, Liza Conyers, Barbara Schaefer, Hyung Joon Yoon, ChanMin Kim, Marsha Modeste, Erica Frankenberg, and Zoe Mandel (Graduate Council Rep)

 A quorum was reached to conduct official business.

1. Minutes of the Preceding Meeting -- minutes of April 19, 2018 were unanimously approved following one typographical correction.

2. Announcements by the Chair

2.1. Welcome Back!

2.2. College Bylaws Revisions for Faculty Senate Council Confirmation

2.2.1.   Will be reviewed at the Faculty Senate Council Meeting on Oct. 9

2.3. Election of Committee Chairs to represent Faculty Council – all nominees approved

2.3.1.   Faculty Staff Student Concerns Chair (Nominees: Marsha Modeste)

2.3.2.   Curricular Affairs Representative (Nominees: Uju Anya)

2.3.3.   Graduate Studies & Research Policy Representative (Nominees: Scott Metzger)

2.3.4.   Technology Committee Representative (Nominees: Hyung “Joon” Yoon)

3.    Communications to the Council

3.1. Dr. Kathy Heid requested consideration for having a Graduate Council report each session of the Faculty Council.

4.    Comments by the Dean of the College

4.1. Faculty Searches: 13 new tenure-line faculty and quite a few new fixed-term faculty have joined the college beginning this fall semester. Six searches are underway for appointments that will begin next year: Counselor Education; Curriculum and Supervision; Educational Psychology (joint w/Cyberscience); Educational Leadership (Hoy Professorship); Secondary English Education; and, Organizational Development and Change. Two additional searches have been approved, but are currently on hold: School Psychology and Reading Education.

4.2. College Fall Meeting Highlights:

4.2.1.   Seeing growth in enrollments, particularly in our World Campus offerings.

4.2.2.   Grants and contracts are showing some healthy growth.

4.2.3.   Graduate Program rankings remain strong.

4.2.4.   Good success with our fund raising efforts, despite turnover in our gift officer positions. We now how a full staff in development office with the addition of new gift officers, Nathan Reeves and Jerry Regan.

4.3. Chambers Building Renovations:

4.3.1.   The Science Education wing and the Advising Center/CETC renovations are on track and we’re planning to re-claim these spaces in the spring. There was some water damage in the new conference room on the 4th of July due to contractor error. The contractor is covering the cost of the repairs and the results should be good.

4.3.2.   Steelcase organized a “Discovery Exercise” that was offered to the C&I faculty and staff back in August to help get a better understanding about how we want the re-designed space in the north side of the building to work for us. I was able to observe the process and my sense is that it was valuable and worthwhile. A first draft of the report just came in and we’ll be sharing it throughout C&I and the Dean’s Office for further discussion.

4.4. Penn State Speaker Forum

4.4.1.   I am chairing the planning committee for the Forum this year. We had our first speaker yesterday, the President of the Knight Foundation. We have purchased tables for all of the events for the College and we’ll continue to use a lottery to distribute the tickets. We’re planning next years program, so suggestions for speakers are very welcome.

4.5. Waterbury Summit

4.5.1.   The next Waterbury Summit is planned to take place in May or June of the coming year. It will have a Learning Science focus. More details will be shared as they become available. Scott McDonald and Rich Duschl have taken the lead on this.

4.6. Restorative Justice Summit

4.6.1.   Efrain Marimon has been working with great success to develop the Restorative Justice initiative which is attracting the interests of faculty, staff, and students from around the University. We received a very generous gift from John Gilmartin to organize a summit and it looks like this will take place at the end of March. A number of universities have developed programs like this and this will be a chance to invite these programs to meet with us. We’ll also be involving leaders from the PA Department of Corrections. You’ll be hearing more about this as the details are worked out.

4.7. Website Redesign

4.7.1.   Funding has been set aside to cover the costs of a comprehensive website design that will include a shift in the platform we are using. There will be focus groups so there will be opportunities to provide input and our goal is to be particularly attentive to the needs and interests of our external audiences.

4.8. Staff Advisory Committee

4.8.1.   It was mentioned at the Fall College meeting by Samantha Walker that an ad hoc committee will be formed to develop a design for the Staff Advisory Committee.

4.9. Fixed-term Faculty Promotion Reviews

4.9.1.   Reviews of six fixed-term faculty were successfully conducted last year. All were promoted. The guidelines that were developed last year by the Faculty Council were helpful. There are a few adjustments that should probably be made, and I look forward to working with the Council this year to make these.

4.10. College Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards

4.10.1.  Looking to streamline the nomination process for the Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards program. Currently the nomination requirements are burdensome. Wanda Wasilko provides support for this program and has provided proposed revisions to the nomination process. The faculty council will be invited to react to these ideas and to consider revisions in the program.

4.11.  Tenure-line Faculty Promotion and Tenure Reviews

4.11.1.  Greg Kelly has been working with the Advisory Committee and Kathy Bieschke’s Office to revise our P&T website. There’s a new document there with the title Strategies for Success that we think will be helpful. We’ve also posted the statement from the Faculty Council about the role of supplemental materials. Comments are welcome as we continue to try and streamline the review process.

4.12. Commencement Speaker

4.12.1. Pedro Rivera, PA Secretary of Education, has agreed to be our commencement speaker in the spring. Suggestions for future speakers are always welcome.

5.    Reports of Standing Committees

5.1. Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns

5.1.1.   Marsha Modeste voted in as faculty council representative.

5.2. Curricular Affairs

5.2.1.   Uju Anya voted in as faculty council representative.

5.3. Graduate Studies and Research Policy

5.3.1.   Scott Metzger voted in as faculty council representative.

5.4. Technology

5.4.1.   Hyung Joon Yoon voted in as faculty council representative.

6.    Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Commitees

7.    News from the Faculty Senate (Diandra Prescod)

7.1. Full record can be found at:

7.2. Some highlights:

7.2.1.   Five Governing Principles at Penn State: Seamless Student Experience; Achieve Curricular Coherence; Design Relevant and Responsive Programs; Engage Learners Throughout Their Lifetime; Highest Level of Efficiency with University Resources

7.2.2.   Penn State slipped from 52 to 59 on U.S. News Ranking.

7.2.3.   Upgrade LionPath – announcements forthcoming

7.2.4.   Campus Planning – more sustainable campus – 21% energy decrease. Currently, 65% of the buildings are greater than 25 years old.

7.2.5.   Handed out article shared “Ending Sexual Harassment in Academic Medicine”, The New England Journal of Medicine.

8.    Unfinished Legislative Business

8.1. Faculty, Staff, & Student Awards Nomination revisions

8.1.1.   Dean Monk met with Wanda Wasilko, staff support, to talk about streamlining the process.

8.1.2.   Discussed the proposed nomination process revisions.

8.1.3.   Suggestion made for Marsha Modeste to work with Wanda Wasilko to put together a sample nomination packet for discussion at the next FC meeting in October.

8.2. Review of Fixed Term faculty promotion -- first administration

8.2.1.   Committee members had to discuss promoting faculty to full professor but were not full professors themselves. Language may be need to be put in there.

8.2.2.   5 year requirement may need to be more flexible.

8.2.3.   Suggestion to bring together the Fixed-Term Committee members to review the promotion guidelines and suggest any revisions they felt would be helpful for future reviews.

9. New Legislative Business

10. Forensic Business

11. Comments and recommendations for the good of the College

11.1. Discussion on adding a new agenda item for news from the University Graduate Council. This will become item #7 and appear before “News from the Faculty Senate”.

11.2. University Graduate Council Update: (Scott Metzger)

11.2.1. CoE graduate courses being approved without too much push back or concern.

11.2.2. Discussion regarding raising credit cap for graduate students in LionPath. LionPath doesn’t allow it so current process is to submit exception request to the Graduate School, and then onto the Registrar – problems are occurring with this process. There’s interest to find a way to allow more than 15 credits within LionPath.

11.2.3. English Language Fluency for Graduate Students – How should policy be reworded? Council discussing making requirement to be stipulated, but mechanism to evaluate will be pushed to units to create.

Next Faculty Council Meeting:

October 18, 2018 ~ 2:30-4:30 PM, 273 Chambers