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fc meeting minutes 10-18-18

Faculty Council Meeting Minutes October 18, 2018

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes

                                                                October 18, 2018

273 Chambers Bldg



Attendees:  Dr.’s Richard Hazler, Fran Arbaugh, Liza Conyers, Diandra Prescod, Uju Anya, ChanMin Kim, Hyung Joon Yoon, Erica Frankenberg, Rayne Sperling (Dean’s Rep), Marsha Modeste, Scott Metzger, and Samantha Koon (USC Representative)

A quorum was reached to conduct official business

1.     Minutes of the Preceding Meeting – meeting minutes from September 18, 2018 were unanimously approved following one typographical change.

2.     Announcements by the Chair

2.1.  College Bylaws Revisions for Faculty Senate Confirmation

3.     Communications to the Council

3.1.1.     Graduate Student Council Updates (Zoe Mandel) – no report

3.1.2.     Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Samantha Koon) – no report

4.     Comments by the Dean of the College

4.1.  Faculty Searches --  Six searches are underway for appointments that will begin next year.  All of the search committees have been charged and the job announcements have been posted.

4.2.  Chambers Building Renovations

4.2.1.     Science Education Wing and the Advising Center/CETC:  renovation projects are on track. Move in is scheduled for January.

4.2.2.     North Chambers Renovation:  The results of the Discovery Exercise that was conducted in late August have now been shared with the College.  The exercise is designed to help clarify the hopes and expectations for further renovations in Chambers Building, particularly on the north side of the building.  A Place Committee including faculty and staff from C&I and also representatives from the dean’s office has been appointed and will be meeting regularly in the fall and into the spring to interpret the results of the Exercise and to provide guidance for the evolving design of the renovation.

4.3.  Naming Ceremonies

4.3.1.     Language and Literacy Education Studio:  On October 5th, we named the recently renovated Language and Literacy Education Studio in honor of Jeanne Leonhard.  Jeanne was present for this ceremony and it was a wonderful opportunity to express thanks for her philanthropy.

4.3.2.     CEDAR Clinic: On October 26th, we will be naming the CEDAR Clinic in honor of Dr. Edwin L. Herr, a former faculty member in counseling who served in every possible role in the College, including interim dean, during his many years as a faculty member at Penn State.  Members of Dr. Herr’s family will be in attendance for this event where we will celebrate Dr. Herr’s many contributions and the power of philanthropy in his name.

4.4.  Summits --  Plans are continuing to be made for the Restorative Justice Summit in late March and the Waterbury Summit (focused on the Learning Sciences) for May or June.

4.5.  Website Redesign -- message about the upcoming Web site redesign was recently distributed on the College listserv.  Anyone interested in being part of the planning process should get in touch with Annemarie Mountz who is in the lead on this project.  We will be issuing an RFP to secure some external help and expertise on the design and implication of the new site.

4.6.  Staff Advisory Council -- Members of the staff were asked to volunteer to serve as members of an ad hoc committee to plan the design of the new Council.  This group is being formed and will begin its work shortly.

4.7.  Fixed-Term Faculty Promotion Reviews -- An invitation has been extended to members of the College Fixed Term Faculty Promotion Review Committee to make recommendations about changes we might make in the existing guidelines to streamline and improve the process.  We’re hoping to receive this feedback before the end of the fall semester.

4.8.  College Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards -- Efforts are underway to refine and streamline the Faculty, Staff, and Students awards program.

4.9.  Commencement Speaker -- As mentioned at the September meeting, Pedro Rivera, PA Secretary of Education, has agreed to be our commencement speaker in the spring.  Suggestions for future speakers are always welcome.

5.     Reports of Standing Committees

5.1.     Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns (Marsha Modeste)

5.1.1.     Changes to the process for nominating people for awards.

5.1.2.     Working on forming the committee. Recommendations for committee members should be forwarded to Marsha before the new year.

5.2.     Curricular Affairs  (Uju Anya) – report by Rayne Sperling

5.2.1.     Curricular changes are moving through reviews quickly and smoothly.

5.2.2.     Social justices classes have gone through.

5.3.     Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Scott Metzger)

5.3.1.     Committee review the Student Dissertation Research Initiation grants.

5.4.     Technology (Hyung Joon Yoon)

5.4.1.     Met with Greg Kelly to talk about the committee make-up and to discuss utilizing the new Microsoft Teams aspect of Office 365.

5.4.2.     Rayne shared that she has been in contact with Jill Sitnick, a technology strategist, with Microsoft about holding workshops for faculty/staff to help them better utilize the tools in Office 365 in their work tasks and classes.

6.     Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Commitees

7.     News from the University Graduate Council (Scott Metzger)

7.1.  English Language Assessment – Policy passed that all doctoral programs will need to evaluate each student’s english communication abilities before/by completion of candidacy. By completion of comps the evaluation will need to be confirmed. TOEFL or another stand alone test will not be sufficient to determine English competency.

7.2.  Proposal to change regulations to require doctoral students to have an annual meeting with their Ph.D. (dissertation) committee. Strictly for research degree students.

8.     News from the Faculty Senate (Diandra Prescod)

8.1.  Next senate meeting is October 23, 2018.

9.     Unfinished Legislative Business

9.1.  Faculty, Staff, & Student Awards Nomination Revisions

10.  New Legislative Business

11.  Forensic Business

12.  Comments and recommendations for the good of the College

12.1.      Parking issues of Adjunct Faculty – when parking deck is full they cannot park, which may cause missing class.  What are the options to allow them to park in the Nittany Deck if it is considered full and only open to those with F/S passes?


Next Faculty Council Meeting:

11/15/18, 2:30-4:30 PM, 273 Chambers