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FC Meeting Minutes 12-12-19

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2019

228 Chambers Bldg


Attendees:  Dr.’s Fran Arbaugh, Kimberly Lawless, Marsha Modeste, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Barbara Schaefer, Alex List, Richard Hazler, Soo-yong Byun, Ericka Frankenberg, Joshua Kirby (rep. H. Joon Yoon & ChanMin Kim); and Joe Clark (USC), and Annie Maselli (UGSC)

A quorum was reach to conduct official business.

The chair called the meeting to order at 2:34

 1.     Minutes of the Preceding Meetings (11/21/19)

1.1.  Motion made to approve minutes. Minutes approved.

2.     Announcements by the Chair

2.1.  Comments about Dean’s Symposium on Educational Equity

 2.2 Next speaker with be January 22 in the Foster Audtiorium, Paterno Library

 3.     Communications to the Council

3.1.  Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Joe Clark) – no report

3.2.  Graduate Student Council Updates (Annie Maselli)

3.2.1.     February 29, 2020-  Graduate Student Council will hold first college student symposium. Professional development. Alumni will attend and present. Shifting away from the “research island” event that has been held in April in the past.

 4.     Comments by the Dean of the College

4.1.  AD77 has been amended.  Corrected inconsistencies and amended language where there were concerns.

4.2.  College Community Conversations: Dean’s Advisory continued to unpack the most recent community college conversation regarding creating a community that is more nurturing. The Advisory committee had some similar perspectives that were raised at the last faculty council meeting.  They are working on how to move forward and on scheduling future community conversations this spring. The Dean asked for topics/issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion that would be beneficial to have as a meaningful community conversation – faculty, staff, and student.  The goal of these conversations is to build trust and relationships.

 5.     Reports of Standing Committees

5.1.     Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns  (Marsha Modeste)

5.1.1.  Concerns about workload for staff members during times of transition:  Members of the faculty in EPS have expressed concerns about the workload that staff members take on for extended periods of time while staff positions remain open. Over time this additional workload impacts the staff members, students, and faculty. Faculty members are concerned that this might be an unethical pattern of practice if staff members are not compensated for this additional work responsibility, and they would like to understand how the College can provide administrative support during times of staff transition.

 5.2.     Curricular Affairs  (Fran Arbaugh for Carla Zembal-Saul)

5.2.1.  At the meeting on December 2, 2019, the committee discussed 30 proposals dealing with updates to course prerequisites, two new course proposals, and one course change proposal.

5.3.     Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Barbara Schaefer)

5.4.     Technology (Hyung Joon Yoon)

5.4.1.     A website for the Technology Committee is being developed.

 6.     Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Commitees

 7.     News from the University Graduate Councilno report

 8.     News from the Faculty Senate (Joshua Kirby for J. Bryan)

8.1.  Transition to New Budget Approach. Moving to one type of fund (no longer permanent and temporary funds). Model will be one-year and five-year budget cycles. One-year:  “how are you going to operate come July 1?”  Five-year:  “what is your long term plan?”.  (copy of presentation from Provost Jones handed out)

 9.     Unfinished Legislative Business

10.  New Legislative Business

11.  Forensic Business

11.1.     Finalize FC recommendations for peer observations of teaching.

12.  Comments and recommendations for the good of the College


Next Faculty Council Meeting:

January 16, 2020, 2:30-4:30 PM, 228 Chambers