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fc minutes 11-19-20

Faculty Council Meeting Minutes of November 19, 2020

Faculty Council Agenda

(Revision 2 – 11/17/20)
November 19, 2020

Attendees:  Julia Bryan, Fran Arbaugh, Kim Lawless, Brian Belland, Bernard Badiali, Wendy Coduti, David Post, Kelly Rosinger, Esther Prins, Tracy Raulston, Tanner Vea, David McNaughton, Ashley Patterson, and Joey Clark (UGSC), Sagun Giri (GRSC)

 Invited Guests & Visitors:  Ed Fuller, Joshua Kirby, Jayne Leh, Gwen Lloyd, Christi McClellan; Karen Murphy; Jim Herbert, Tiffany Nyachae

A quorum was reached to conduct official business.

The Chair called the council to order at 2:30 PM.

1.     Minutes of the Preceding Meeting (10/15/2020)

1.1.  Motion made to pass the minutes of October 15, 2020. Motion passed unanimously.

2.     Announcements by the Chair

2.1.  Update on Faculty Council Survey to Faculty

2.1.1.     Only the three faculty council executive committee members with have access to the raw faculty data.  Working to prepare an accurate and thoughtful report from the survey data.

3.     Communications to the Council

3.1.  Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Joe Clark)

3.1.1.     Student Council has been doing more outreach and events with the college than any other semester.

3.2.  Graduate Student Council Updates (Sagun Giri)

3.2.1.     The 2nd Lions Pride Speaker Series was held on October 29. The topic was What Social Justice Initiatives Look Like in the Context of Schools, Business/Industry and Universities. Speakers:  Dr.’s Amy Meisinger, Ashley Patterson, SeriaShia Chatters, and William Rothwell. Thirty people attended live. The audience consisted of students and faculty.

3.2.2.     The 3rd Lions Pride Speaker Series will be held December/January. We’ve reached out to potential speakers and are waiting for confirmation.

3.2.3.     Donuts and Cider with the Deans was held on October 28.

3.2.4.     The council is currently planning and organizing a Student Symposium for the spring semester.

4.     Comments by the Dean of the College (Kim Lawless)

4.1.  Sent early Sway before upcoming break.

4.2.  Thanks to everyone for all the work you’ve been doing this semester. Students notice the efforts that are being put in and see a better educational experience.

4.3.  Up to 18,000 students have tested already prior to leaving for break, and it is expected that more will be tested before the weeks end. It’s expected that 75% of undergraduates will leave campus.  Students will be counseled to stay if they test positive. We can’t force students to test, but we can make it so it’s prudent for them to test. PSU is moving to 3% testing per day. Tests are more rapid.

4.4.  Bylaws:  Gaps should be looked at carefully.

4.5.  Workload Policy: There are some big disparities in terms of what counts as faculty load, onload/offload. Faculty Council was asked to work on this at my request.

4.6.  Strategic Plan:  Draft delivered for review. Committee made up of representatives across programs and departments, and staff.  Deadline of December 15 for the “initial” draft of our mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives are due. 

4.7.  (Gwen)  Ad-Hoc College of Education on Equity Minded Curriculum: College equity team and college of ed equity committee. First official meeting will be in December. Direction of integrating equity and anti-racism into the curriculum. Creating resources for faculty, exploring and making recommendations on processes in department and college level.

4.8.  (Gwen) New Promotion & Tenure timeline was instituted this year.  We are on time this year.  Thank you everyone for your hard work.

5.     Reports of Standing Committees

5.1.   Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns  (Tracy Raulston)

5.1.1.     In process of scheduling first meeting.

5.2.   Curricular Affairs  (Fran Arbaugh)

5.2.1.     The CA met on Monday, Nov 2 and discussed the suggested changes to FC bylaws (for today’s meeting) and one curriculum application (LDT 867; Designing and Researching Games and Online Communities for Teaching and Learning

 5.3.   Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Ashley Patterson)

5.3.1.     Discussed two applications for “R” status. One was granted and one was tabled.

5.4.   Technology (David McNaughton)

5.4.1.     Classroom technology in Chambers is being reviewed with the goal of providing needed updates. Other buildings in the College will be reviewed and updated over time 

5.4.2.     Box to OneDrive transition has begun at the University. College of Education will be transitioned in the summer of 2021 

5.4.3.     New CoE website will be available in early 2021. There will be a content freeze soon in preparation for the launch. 

5.4.4.     Bylaws change for Technology Committee membership ( saved until January, 2021, to process with other bylaw changes?) 

5.4.5.     Strong response (participants from over 300 institutions!)  to webinar series coordinated for PDE by Peggy Schooling and Will Diehl (see )  

6.     Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Committees

7.     News from the University Graduate Council 

8.     News from the Faculty Senate (Wendy Coduti)

8.1.  Website with all recordings/agendas for faculty senate meetings (special and plenary):

8.2.  Most recent updates were adoption of alternate grading for fall 2020 for undergraduate courses 000-4xx. Grad School hasn’t adopted alternate grading policy so may be some confusion. Programs that use 400-level courses in grad program should know that alternate grading is available to anyone taking a 400-level course even if they are enrolled in graduate level program.

8.3.  Changes to SRTEs for fall 2020. Streamlined and simplified and reworded. Results won’t report means but report median and mode for each Likert-type.

8.4.  Next Senate mtg is Dec 1 (1pm). Zoom info available via Senate website for anyone wishing to attend (

9.     Unfinished Legislative Business

10.  New Legislative Business

11.  Forensic Business

11.1.  College Strategic Plan Draft: At the invitation of Julia Bryan (Chair), Jonna Kulikowich, Ed Fuller will facilitate a discussion of the college strategic plan draft.

11.2.  Changes to ByLaws/Articles of Authority: Fran Arbaugh (COE Curriculum Committee Rep) and Tracy Raulston (Faculty Concerns Committee Rep) will present and lead discussion of changes to the Bylaws descriptions and scope of work of these two committees.

11.2.1.  Julia Bryan will put together an Ad-Hoc committee to review the Faculty Council Articles of Authority.

11.3.  Work Load Guidelines: Julia Bryan and Fran Arbaugh will lead a discussion of the College of Education work load policy

12.  Comments and recommendations for the good of the College

12.1.  (Kim) How can sharing communications from the faculty senate to the faculty in the college be done better?

 Meeting adjourned 4:51 pm


Next Meeting:

Thursday, December 10, 2020  ~  2:30-4:30 PM