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fc minutes 11-21-19

Faculty Council Meeting Minutes for November 21, 2019

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2019

228 Chambers Bldg


 Attendees:  Dr.’s Fran Arbaugh, Barbara Schaefer, Royel Johnson (for M Modeste), Richard Hazler, Alexandra List, ChanMin Kim, Hyung Joon Yoon, Soo-yong Byun, Kimberly Lawless, Julia Bryan, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh; and Joe Clark (USC Rep)

A quorum was rached to conduct official business.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 2:35 pm

1.     Minutes of the Preceding Meetings (10/17/19)

1.1.  Motion made to approve minutes from October 17, 2019, unanamiously approved.

2.     Announcements by the Chair

2.1.  Reporting for future meetings

3.     Communications to the Council

3.1.  Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Joe Clark)

3.1.1.     Noticed drop in attendance. Students feeling overwhelmed & burned out.

3.2.  Graduate Student Council Updates (Annie Maselli)

4.     Comments by the Dean of the College

4.1.  Faculty Governance: Figuring out what that means. The faculty council would be reviewing issues, suggestions, recommendations that affect areas in day-to-day tasks, environments you create for instruction & research, looking at 3 areas: programming, processes, and procedures.  1) Programming: for example development of curriculum, programs.  2) Policies: things that shape boundaries of our worklife like larger university policies, and also those within the college that exist or may need to be created. 3) Procedures:  for example P&T procedures, thinking about when and how we do things that make the processes fair.

4.2.  Governing Structure: FC would serve as the voice for faculty in both directions, to Adminstrators, and back to the faculty community.

4.3.  Faculty Governence doesn’t mean input on decisions on all things within the college. It means the faculty have the capacity to inform the trajectory of the Intellectual scope of the college.

5.     Reports of Standing Committees

5.1.   Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns  (Marsha Modeste)

5.1.1.   Following the College Community Conversation earlier this month, several faculty members expressed concerns to me about the tone of the conversation. They felt that the tone of the conversation caused harm; and, they would like to hear a response from the Dean about any plans to address the situation following the College Community Conversation.   The Dean responded that there will be follow-up on this initial conversation.  She briefly shared why it was pulled together and why there was an imbalance on the panel.  She expressed her understanding that it could have been delivered better and why some felt disinfranchised and disappointed.

5.2.     Curricular Affairs  (Carla Zembal-Saul) --  no report

5.3.     Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Barbara Schaefer)

5.3.1.   Two graduate faculty recommendations were submitted for GSRP Committee consideration. Committee review resulted in approval for Graduate Faculty-R status for one nominee, and their nomination was forwarded to the Graduate School for final approval; the second was not approved.

5.3.2.   Confirmation of the appointment of Matthew M. Johnson (C&I) as a member of the faculty of the Graduate School was forwarded to the committee by Dean Vasilatos-Younken on 11/12/2019.

 5.4.  Technology Committee (Hyung Joon Yoon)

5.4.1.     Held a roundtable on 11/20/19 on innovative technologies for research.  Three students from Learning Design Technology, Educational Psychology, and Special Education shared their practices. About 10 people were present. The event needs to be promoted more effectively. The next roundtable session will be on VR for research and teaching on January 16, 2020.

 5.4.2.     A marketing subcommittee has been formed. Technology Committee discussed the development of a technology committee webpage.

6.     Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Commitees

7.     News from the University Graduate Council 

8.     News from the Faculty Senate (Julia Bryan)

8.1.  Addressing misconduct by faculty – currently in the forensic stage. Want to know what are some examples of serious examples. What kind of disciplinary actions should occur? Should there be an appeal process and if so what would it look like?

8.2.  Office Space: Discussion on what models are currently available for PSU -- none. How do the different styles affect productivity?  Only thing in writing is the maximum square feet size for different levels of faculty, staff, and administration.

9.     Unfinished Legislative Business

10.  New Legislative Business

11.  Forensic Business

11.1.   Peer observations of teaching (cont.)

12.  Comments and recommendations for the good of the College

12.1.   College AD-77 Guideline Concerns raised. It was request that our college revisit our guidelines and compare to the Smeal College of Business’ college guidelines, which are less restrictive. Primary concern is having to request permission to deliver a one-day workshop. The Dean asked if the concern is with a specific word in the university policy or the entire policy itself.

Next Faculty Council Meeting:

December 12, 2019, 2:30-4:30 PM, 228 Chambers