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fc minutes 12-10-2021

Faculty Council Meeting Minutes for December 10, 2021

Faculty Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2020



Attendees:  Julia Bryan, Fran Arbaugh, Kim Lawless, Brian Belland, Bernard Badiali, Wendy Coduti, David Post, Esther Prins, Tracy Raulston, Tanner Vea, David McNaughton, Ashley Patterson, Gwen Lloyd, Erica Frankenberg; and, Sagun Giri (GRSC)

Visitors:  Joshua Kirby, Francesca Lopez, Peggy VanMeter, Wendy Coduti, Tiffany Nyachae, Stephanie Schroeder, Erica Frankenberg, Susan Land, Royel Johnson, Heather Zimmerman, Liz Cummings, Rebecca Tarlau

A quorum was reached to conduct official business.

The Chair called the council to order at   2:32 PM.

 1.     Minutes of the Preceding Meeting (11/19/2020)

1.1.      Motion to approve made. Motion passed unanimously.

2.     Announcements by the Chair

3.     Communications to the Council

3.1.     Undergraduate Student Council Updates (Joe Clark) – no report

3.2.     Graduate Student Council Updates (Sagun Giri)

3.2.1.     Student Mentorship Program:  A sub-committee has put together applications and mentor match protocols.  The mentoring project will be underway this spring semester.

3.2.2.     Lion Pride Speaker Series:  The council has reached out to potential speakers for the 3rd presentation.  Currently waiting for confirmation.

4.     Comments by the Dean of the College (Kim Lawless)

4.1.     Faculty Governance

4.1.1.     Faculty governance is a partnership, university-level faculty senate, central, and on down, and also at the college-level. We need to find ways for sharing the information. Also needed is a distributed leadership model. Representatives from various areas that engage in a meeting making and messaging would play a large part in sharing the information. Faculty Council elected representatives should be sharing information with their department faculty.

4.2.     Role outs regarding next semester from Graduate School, Faculty Senate, Provost’s Office – we’ll get this information out to you as we receive it.

5.     Reports of Standing Committees

5.1.     Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns  (Tracy Raulston)

5.1.1.     Contacted Wanda Wasilko for guidance on the Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards program.  There are six awards.

 5.1.2.     Committee is meeting tomorrow.  

5.2.     Curricular Affairs  (Fran Arbaugh)

5.2.1.     Reviewed multiple curriculum applications. One moved forward, some needed more work.

5.3.     Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Ashley Patterson) – no report

5.4.     Technology (David McNaughton)

5.4.1.     Soft launch for new College web site early 2021, date TBD.

5.4.2.     Planning for the move to OneDrive, supports for faculty training are moving forward.

5.4.3.     Josh Miller is working with new Apple products. M1 testing is going well.

5.4.4.     per Julian Morales) Restrictions on new tech are being eased to some degree. Any computer that is in the window of 3.5 -4 years old can be considered if faculty are experiencing problems.   Restrictions are in place in terms of replacement models.   Faculty should schedule an appt. With CETC for a diagnostic – can be carried out remotely.   Departments still fund and ultimately need to approve.   Department Administrative Coordinators have access to age of computers.   Trying to encourage a culture of replacing upon need, not just age of computers.

5.4.5.     Changes to FC  bylaw regarding the constitution of the Technology Committee are being considered as part of a number of changes to Faculty Council bylaws.

5.4.6.     Will Diehl and colleagues continue to meet and support PDE in distance education initiatives, details can be found at

 6.     Reports of Special and Ad-Hoc Committees

7.     News from the University Graduate Council  

8.     News from the Faculty Senate (Wendy Coduti)

8.1.     Link to recording of meeting from 12/1/20:

8.2.     For historical purposes you can find Senate newsletters here: 

8.3.     The next Faculty Senate Plenary meeting is on January 26th.

8.3.1.     “Save the date” announcement for a Senate Forum “listening session” as a follow-up to the October listening session we’ve scheduled for Tuesday, February 2, 2021, at 2:00 pm.

9.     Unfinished Legislative Business

10.  New Legislative Business

11.  Forensic Business

11.1. Faculty Survey: Julia Bryan, Fran Arbaugh, & Brian Belland will discuss the faculty survey

11.1.1.  Fran led an orienting activity for faculty council representatives to see if everyone is on the same page regarding the purpose of the survey.

11.1.2.  How can we help the Dean and overall college leadership address any concerns on the climate of the college.

11.1.3.  Are there hidden agendas we aren’t aware of?  Don’t want to share findings and draft report that could be weaponized if that’s the case.

11.1.4.  Concern raised for sharing the data if all is not presented.

11.1.5.  Fran Arbaugh presented a PowerPoint with the findings.

11.1.6.  Looking to prepare trend report to ask faculty to suggest concrete actions that can be taken in areas that were problematic.

11.1.7.  Chair recommended the executive committee hold a special meeting next week to generate recommendations that can be sent to the Dean. The full report would be shared with FC members for discussion at that special meeting.    Julia will create an ad-hoc Committee and Fran will send out a doodle poll to find a time to meet next week.

11.1.8.    How does the FC work together to go through the report, gather information from departments, and come up with concrete recommendations to share with leadership?

11.1.9.    Question posed to recognize faculty visitors on their opinion on how to send out trend analysis. 

11.1.10. Faculty member didn’t feel their information would be protected so didn’t take the survey.  Many faculty of color did not participate because they could be identified and thus potentially harmful.

11.1.11. The survey was desegregated and that was problematic.

11.1.12. Suggestion to do shorter surveys more frequently to help get the climate temperature as time moves on.

11.1.13. Concern voiced spending any more time on this particular data as things have changed so much and many didn’t take the survey. Is it worth it? 

11.1.14. Dean requests that the recommendations prepared by the council be valuable and workable. Recognize if all of the recommendations point to the Dean then we have a cultural problem as we’re a community. Think about partnerships in how to address the issues. Create better solutions to gather data from ALL faculty that do not make people uncomfortable responding.

11.2.  Discussion of changes to ByLaws: Julia Bryan and Fran Arbaugh will lead a discussion of changes to the ByLaws.

11.2.1.  Special Committee on By-Laws

11.2.2.  Membership

11.2.3.  Representatives

11.2.4.  Election of Chair

11.2.5.  Standing Committees

11.3.  Work Load Guidelines: Julia Bryan and Fran Arbaugh will lead a discussion of the COE workload policy

11.3.1.  Special committee on Workload

12.  Comments and recommendations for the good of the College

Meeting adjourned at 4:28 PM